Our DCEU Playlist

Our DCEU Playlist

Back in June of 2018, the Screen Heroes podcast decided to take on the DCEU and create their own vision for the cinematic universe.

We began with a rewrite of the first entry, Man of Steel, followed by Batman v Superman. After that, Our DCEU diverted from the WB movies. We decided that our story could do justice, pun intended, to a Justice League Dark story. After that, we gave Shazam his solo film prior to the release of the actual Shazam movie in March of 2019. That solo flick was followed-up with our version of a Justice League movie and next up will be our Wonder Woman film! So keep an eye out for that. Enjoy!

Man of Steel – http://heroespodcasts.com/sh119-lets-rewrite-man-steel

Batman v Superman – http://heroespodcasts.com/sh123-lets-rewrite-batman-v-superman

Justice League Dark – http://heroespodcasts.com/sh127-lets-rewrite-justice-league-dark

Shazam! – http://heroespodcasts.com/sh136-our-dceu-shazam

Justice League – http://heroespodcasts.com/sh141-our-dceu-justice-league

Coming Soon: Wonder Woman

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