Wolverine 3 – #onelasttime

Wolverine 3 – #onelasttime

Hugh Jackman, otherwise known as Wolverine, has made it pretty clear that the next Wolverine movie will be the last time he steps into that role. Now he has taken to Twitter to ask the fans what they are hoping to see in his final take on Logan:

Wolverine - Hugh Jackman Twitter

I replied on Twitter to his post, but asking the question got me thinking about it, and I wanted to write up a more verbose response than the 144 characters permitted by Twitter.  I think that if Fox is serious about maintaining control of the X-Men movie rights, there’s a very clear and exciting, direction for them to take with this last movie:

Wolverine - Laura Kinney, X-23

Laura Kinney, aka X-23, a female clone of Logan.  What does this do for Fox?

  • By all accounts, X-23 is a fairly popular character in her own right, and given her existence is heavily tied to Wolverine, the only way she can really appear in any movies (without drastically rewriting the character) is for her to start with Wolverine.
  • Hugh Jackman is done making Wolverine movies.  Currently there is a glut of superhero films these days and, for me at least, more than a little ennui at the thought of yet ANOTHER superhero origin film (please stop!).  Or, even worse, rebooting the character completely with a new actor.  Introducing X-23 bypasses both of these problems.  While it would serve as an introduction to X-23, it’s also going to focus heavily on Logan, on his last days (more on that in a minute), and his relationship to X-23 and how they try to help and hurt each other.  Fox can keep the franchise going with new Wolverine movies, but focused on Laura instead of Logan.
  • Wait…that would mean that we’d end up with a solo superhero character who is both female and can kick some serious butt…is that possible?  Am I dreaming?  I must be dreaming?  Oh yes, I am dreaming, because it hasn’t happened yet.  But wouldn’t that be awesome?!?

So what happens to Logan?  Well there are two options in my mind:

  1. Logan retires to a cabin in Alaska and finds a measure of peace and happiness.  It’s the safe choice, just in case Fox is able to convince Mr. Jackman to reprise the role in the future.  I really hope this is NOT what happens.
  2. Wolverine dies at the end.  Makes it really simple and clean to turn the focus towards X-23 going forward.  And given the nature of the character, it’s the most likely way that Wolverine would ever truly find peace, especially if he was giving his life to protect someone or something that he cared about.  Like, for instance, a young girl that has a strong resemblance to himself and still has a chance to live a more full and happy life than he did.

Wolverine & Jean GreyOh, and one more thing I hope does NOT happen.  Wolverine does NOT get together with Jean Grey in the end.  Personally, it’s one of the relationships that I hate the most in comics.  Mostly because it’s never been a real relationship where the two characters could actually commit to each other.  It was always this forbidden attraction that they weren’t supposed to act on because Jean was actually in a relationship with Scott Summer/Cyclops.

So please, please, please do not give Logan some kind of closure or happy ever after with Jean Grey.

Have him go out in a blaze of glory, while passing the mantle of The Wolverine on to a young Laura Kinney.

And hey, if she’s cast as being in her mid-to-late teens, then there are plenty more movies that can be made with whoever they cast in the role.  Right?

What do you think? What would you like to see in Hugh Jackman’s last outting as Wolverine?

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