Legion of Collectors Unboxing: March 2016

Legion of Collectors Unboxing: March 2016

DC Comics fans, your long wait, and mine, is finally over. The first of the Legion of Collectors subscription from Funko is finally here! For those who aren’t familiar with the service, Legion of Collectors in a bi-monthly (every other month) blind box subscription service themed with DC Comics related items. The first month was themed for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film while the second month, May’s, is revealed toward the end of the unboxing video.

This service is similar to two existing subscriptions from Funko, Marvel Collectors Corps and the Star Wars themed Smuggler’s Bounty. For details on those, check out our Unboxing playlist on our YouTube channel, as we unbox those as well.

Please note, unboxing videos ALWAYS contain spoilers for the contents of the box as well as the next month’s theme. You have been warned.

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