Twitch with The Grid Daily

Twitch with The Grid Daily

Do you like video games? Well then we have something for you! This past week, The Grid Daily launched our very own Twitch channel! What is Twitch? Twitch is an online service that allows people to watch live video streams of video game play. It also allows viewers to talk to the streamers via chat. We’ve only just started producing content for our channel but there are several videos available right now! That’s right, Twitch allows us to save our live broadcasts, making them available on our Twitch channel and allow us to export them to our YouTube channel. Check out our game play of the original Borderlands below, where Ryan (Screen Heroes and Buster Costumes and Props) joins me for my first play-through of the game.

If you liked our video, please subscribe to our YouTube page and our Twitch channel so you don’t miss our latest videos and game streams. We’ve got a lot planned including so classic video game play on consoles like the SNES and N64 as well as brand new games like Rocket League.

Are there games you’d like to see? Comment below and we might just make it happen!


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  1. You could ask Scott manley to make a video of a working prototype before release to elt him show of and advertise it again,just an idea in my mind many people watch his videos regulary.

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