Top 20 Quintessential Picard Episodes

Top 20 Quintessential Picard Episodes

Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the USS Enterprise. While he might not be everyone’s favorite Captain, it’s hard to argue with the impact he’s had on the Star Trek franchise and fandom. After 7 years on television followed by 4 feature films, Patrick Stewart’s Captain Picard set off into the sunset. The end of Star Trek: Nemesis saw our Captain walking through the halls of the Enterprise E, seemingly with a fresh sense of purpose and hope. His loyal First Office had finally become Captain himself. He and the crew saved Earth, the Federation, and even the Romulan Empire. And B4 might just get his own personality from Data’s memory dump. Things were looking up but it was that generation’s final journey. Right? I mean, that was the tagline for the film, after all.

It turns out that many of us were wrong. Picard is returning. The new series, Star Trek: Picard is slated for a 2019 premiere and that gives us just enough time to get our ducks in a row and prepare for his return. So here we go…

The Top 20 Quintessential Picard Episodes for those #Prepping4Picard (in chronological order).

Want to know why I picked these episodes? No problem. Check out Episode 72 of the Redshirts & Runabouts podcast, “Quintessential Picard” for a detailed discussion.

Select an episode below to hear our review on Redshirts & Runabouts as we Trek through our own Prepping 4 Picard series.

Please note that episode numbers were derived from Wikipedia.

Season 1, Episode 1 & 2: Encounter at Farpoint
Season 1, Episode 25: Conspiracy
Season 2, Episode 9: The Measure of a Man
Season 3, Episode 15: Yesterday’s Enterprise
Season 3, Episode 19: Captain’s Holiday
Season 3, Episode 23: Sarek
Season 3, Episode 26 & Season 4 Episode 1: Best of Both Worlds Parts 1 & 2
Season 4, Episode 2: Family
Season 4, Episode 21: The Drumhead
Season 5, Episode 2: Darmok
Season 5, Episodes 7 & 8: Unification Parts 1 & 2
Season 5, Episode 25: The Inner Light
Season 5, Episode 26 & Season 6, Episode 1: Time’s Arrow Parts 1 & 2
Season 6, Episode 10 & 11: Chain of Command Parts 1 & 2
Season 6, Episode 15: Tapestry
Season 6, Episode 18: Starship Mine
Season 6, Episode 19: Lessons
Season 6, Episode 20: The Chase
Season 7, Episode 4 & 5: Gambit Parts 1 & 2
Season 7, Episode 25 & 26: All Good Things…

What do you think of our list of the Top 20 Quintessential Picard episodes? Did we leave something off the list? Did we include something you think doesn’t belong? Listen to our discussions and then let us know your thoughts.

Make it so.

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