SH S4E11: Ranking the Avengers

SH S4E11: Ranking the Avengers
Screen Heroes

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It’s all Marvel this week as we rank the Top 20 Avengers with special guest, Jerry McMullen of the Worst Comic Podcast EVER!

Before we dive into the ranking, we give our spoiler-free quick take on Kingsman: The Golden Circle which we will be reviewing in full next week.

Then, it’s back to Marvel for our Avengers ranking. Now, we take into consideration several mediums: comic books, TV shows, cartoons, toys, and the MCU films. That means mutants and web-slingers are eligible for the list!

So check out our list and then let us know what you think in the comments or @HeroesPodcast on social media!

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SH S4E11: Ranking the Avengers

Infinity War 67: Picking the Heroes

Transcribed from Screen Heroes, S1, E6 “Infinity War 67.”

When Marvel Studios announced the two-part Infinity War film, they said that there was an opportunity for 67 characters to be in the film. Since then, they have explained that it was an arbitrary number they just pulled out of thin air, but for fun, we wanted to pick out 67 Marvel characters that COULD make it into Infinity War.

The Veterans

The Newbies

The Guardians

The Defenders

The Back Up

The Agents

The Villains

The Unknown

The Asgardians


This episode was recorded before the release of Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Since then, more information regarding  Infinity War has been released as well as the movies leading up to it in the MCU.  Remember to take all of this with a grain of salt and the fun that it was supposed to provide.

To listen to the original episode, click here.

Infinity War 67: Picking the Heroes

Versus #1 – Marvel v DC

Rae pits Derreck and Ryan against each other in our first Versus battle, each having to defend their respective DC or Marvel superhero.

Transcribed from 3/16/16 episode of Screen Heroes: Episode 13 “VS. #1 Marvel v. DC”


  1. Each will represent either DC or Marvel. Derreck is defending DC. Ryan is defending Marvel.
  2. You can use any version of the character that exists in canon.
  3. One switch is allowed where Derreck can defend the Marvel character and Ryan can defend DC.
  4. Maximum of 7 minutes total for each fight.
  5. 1 point is awarded for winning the match, 1 point awarded for audience popularity.

Fight 1: Captain America versus Batman

Ryan: Captain America has super strength, shield, and gun (may not even need the gun against Batman). In the comics, he’s been able to throw a motorcycle. Both characters are tactically mindful, but Captain America is a stronger power. Yes, Batman has a lot of toys, but Captain America doesn’t need a lot of toys. In Civil War, he punched a hole in Iron Man’s chest.

Derreck: Batman has a large amount of accessories which help him with every fight.  It wouldn’t be a slug fest. He’d have different suits of armor, his utility belt, and multiple weapons. So Batman is going to come at him from multiple angles and in stealth mode. Fights don’t always come down to strength. Batman is an elite martial artist and can out fight so many people. Captain America is a military brawler; Batman is a ghost.

Rae: Captain America wins! 1 point to Ryan for winning the argument, 1 point to Ryan for convincing the audience.

Derreck: 0      Ryan: 2

Fight 2: Wonder Woman versus Captain Marvel

Derreck: Wonder Woman is a warrior princess, trained from birth to be a warrior with multiple weapons and hand-to-hand combat.  She has the ability to fly in some versions.  With the shield, and the bracelets, she can easily block any projectile from Captain Marvel. Wonder Woman can keep up with Superman and even defeated him before. She is a warrior and her whole society is built on protecting their land.

Ryan: Captain Marvel has similar powers to Wonder Woman. She has flight and super strength. Wonder Woman has an advantage with the shield and sword. She has a much cooler outfit.  Captain Marvel is almost the Superman of the Marvel universe, because of her endurance and speed. She also has energy beams that are projected. She was Binary, which was a known planet buster, she can control gravity.

Rae: Derreck concedes to the blowing up a planet argument. 1 point to Ryan for winning the argument, 1 point to Ryan for convincing audience.

Derreck: 0      Ryan: 4

Fight 3: Daredevil versus Robin

Ryan: There are some versions of Daredevil where he does have super human strength. His senses are incredibly heightened. Daredevil can dodge bullets, which Jason Todd cannot. He can take a lot of punishment, and with his armor, it’s even more.  Daredevil’s senses are heightened and he is trained by ninjas.

Derreck: Red Hood, used to be a Robin, which means he was taught by Batman, so he knows all the same martial arts that Batman does. He’s been in the Lazarus pit, and that has been known to cause a blood lust in people. He could always set traps. Most of the Batman characters tend to have prep time. Jason Todd also uses weapons, like guns, unlike Daredevil who is not impervious to bullets. All he does is beat the crap out of people for living, so he does that all day long, unlike Daredevil.

Rae: After lethal force is used, Red Hood would win. 1 point to Derreck for winning the argument, 1 point to Ryan for convincing audience.

Derreck: 1      Ryan: 5

Fight 4: Martian Manhunter versus Vision

Ryan: Vision has the ability to change his density which we’ve seen him use in Age of Ultron. He can also phase, demonstrated by how he killed Ultron in the MCU. His vibranium body can withstand quite a bit of destruction. Vision is an incarnation of JARVIS, at least in the MCU, so there could be instant calculations and predictions of what Martian Manhunter will do.

Derreck: Martian Manhunter has an incredible amount of powers. He can shape shift, which he often uses it to change into a dragon. He can telepathically connect to others. He can phase through objects. He’s much more powerful than Vision. He could easily phase through and rip out the gem in Vision’s forehead. Vision does have a body and has to conform to physics. J’onn is very powerful being that could destroy someone powered by a stone.

Rae: Ryan concedes. Moderator point and audience point goes to Derreck.

Derreck: 3      Ryan: 5

Fight 5: Thor versus Superman

Ryan: Superman’s biggest weakness is magic, and Thor’s powers are based in magic. He can wield lightning, similar to Shazam. His durability is similar to Superman’s. He’s also been a planet buster before. But Thor’s magic really tips the battle to him. He was able to end Ragnarok with one blast and defeat reality warping characters.  Rune King Thor doesn’t need his hammer and can defeat Superman that way.

Derreck: Thor’s powers come from the hammer, so if Superman is able to get that hammer out of his hand, not lift it, would just make Thor a normal strong person. To go back to the planet buster theory, Superman could go back in time before the battle even began to a time when Thor isn’t holding the hammer and defeat him by surprise. He’s been able to take on Doomsday, Darkseid, and Brainiac by himself. Thor also has never been known to able to live in space, so Superman could easily take the fight there and win.

Rae: Moderator point to Derreck, audience point to Ryan

Derreck: 4      Ryan: 6

Fight 6: Green Arrow versus Hawkeye

Ryan: The two are very evenly matched. Clint has military training, from SHIELD, as a tactician, which helps give him an edge. Clint has also acted as a mercenary. He’s a more logical thinker under duress.

Derreck: Green Arrow has the same type of training that Batman has, so he’s a skilled fighter in hand-to-hand. He’s an expert marksman in multiple weapons, arrows, knives, and guns, even if he doesn’t like to use them. Hawkeye hasn’t proven that he has any hand to hand combat training.

Rae: Since this was an audience suggestion, one point is awarded to Derreck. No moderator point at this time.

Derreck: 5     Ryan: 6

Fight 7: Zatanna versus Scarlet Witch

Ryan: Scarlet Witch is a reality warper. She could easily blink Zatanna out of existence if she wanted. She has been able to teleport people from planet to planet, so she could take care of Zatanna that way.

Derreck: Zatanna has mental powers. All she has to do is think things, and they happen. Because she is magical, her powers are not just within her, but around her.

Rae: Ryan concedes, one point to Derreck from moderator. Winner of the audience point is Ryan.

Derreck: 6     Ryan: 7

Fight 8: Doctor Fate versus Doctor Strange

Ryan: Doctor Strange isn’t centuries old, but he’s inconsistently one of the most powerful people in the Marvel universe. He’s taken blasts from characters that destroy planets. Doctor Strange has been able to absorb blasts from the Living Tribunal. The Eye of Agamotto can rip holes through eternity. Doctor Strange is still the Sorcerer Supreme, and still has powers without the Eye.  There are gods and then people above gods, and then these guys.

Derreck: Doctor Fate is similar to Zatanna in the way that he is a magic based character in Justice League Dark. His powers are in his helmet. He’s been able to travel from dimension to dimension. He can fly, bend reality, travel through time, mind wipe people, and one version of him he’s grown so powerful, he no longer needed a host body so the helmet just created a body. That version can survive everything because the helmet cannot be destroyed. If Doctor Fate removes Doctor Strange’s amulet, he’s much less powerful. Doctor Fate doesn’t have to worry about any human disadvantages, like mortality.

Rae: Ryan concedes to Doctor Fate’s indestructibility. Derreck wins the moderator point.

Derreck: 7     Ryan: 7

To listen to this episode, click here.

What do you think of the match-ups? Do you agree or disagree with the outcomes? Comment below!

Versus #1 – Marvel v DC

MCU Ranking – Where Does Civil War Land?

It’s become a running tradition to rank the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with us. We began with Avengers: Age of Ultron, continued with Ant-Man, and now we’re adding Captain America: Civil War to that list. We’ve had some people agree and disagree with us, but have stuck by our rankings. The release of Civil War has dominated the box office and have left fans mixed (you can check out our Civil War review here) and now the time has come for it to take its place among our ranked films.

If you missed our list prior to Civil War, here it is (you can see the full article here):

12. Iron Man 2
11. Incredible Hulk
10. Iron Man 3
9. Thor: The Dark World
8. Captain America: The First Avenger
7. Thor
6. Avengers: Age of Ultron
5. Ant-Man
4. Iron Man
3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
2. Guardians of the Galaxy
1. Avengers

MCU Ranking – A Grid Daily Civil War

Captain America: Civil War Cap v Iron Man

This was an incredibly difficult choice that none of us really wanted to make. Talk to a Grid Daily contributor and their ranking will be different. The consensus,though? Captain America: Civil War nudges out everything to become the number 1 MCU film to date.  Before I go on, let me tell you just how split we are on this, but majority rules.

The movie captured the essence of the Civil War storyline in the comics: these superheroes are a powder keg, or as Hulk so eloquently put it, a time bomb.  You can’t have 10 people with extreme powers and personalities and emotions running that high without creating irresponsible and destructive results. The addition of Civil War to the MCU was an inevitability. These characters, by no means, should always get along. The truth in the film is where it succeeds.

Along with the story line, the movie did its side characters very well. Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Black Panther shined. Spider-Man and Ant-Man were incredible spectacles adding to the visual empowerment of the film. Falcon and War Machine were the perfect right hand men, portraying loyal friends to the men they cared about, never wavering their allegiances.

The difficulty of the film lies in Captain America and Iron Man. It’s difficult to see our favorite heroes be so blinded by their own perspectives. To quote a friend, “Captain America did the wrong thing for the right reason and Iron Man did the right thing for the wrong reason.” It’s painful to watch your heroes fall, which is where the Grid Daily group splits.Captain America: Civil War Banner

Overall ranking: 13 awesome fight scenes you didn’t see coming

So here is our updated list:

13. Iron Man 2
12. Incredible Hulk
11. Iron Man 3
10. Thor: The Dark World
9. Captain America: The First Avenger
8. Thor
7. Avengers: Age of Ultron
6. Ant-Man
5. Iron Man
4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
3. Guardians of the Galaxy
2. The Avengers
1. Captain America: Civil War

How do you feel about our list? Where would you rank Civil War? Special thanks to our friend John Holloway from Worst Comic Podcast Ever for the awesome quote.

MCU Ranking – Where Does Civil War Land?

Is the Modern Superman worthy of Mjolnir

This is a thing I often ask myself, certainly Superman could right? Sure, if any character is worthy to wield Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir , then its certainly comic book’s greatest hero Superman? Many other great heroes fall short of this, though because it tests a person’s virtue, how heroic the character is. Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, all of them are great heroes and are some favorites but are they worthy? Only a select few of characters have ever wielded it.

In fact its a very short list of people who have wielded the hammer. The Vision as shown in the Age of Ultron and on one very special occasion Captain America have even wielded it in the comics. We even see Cap nudge it a bit in the movie. But what makes those few who have wielded Mjolnir worthy exactly? It’s selflessness and compassion, plain and simple. These are the two traits that make you a hero, not your powers. That is the lesson that the egotistical Thor learned while he was exiled to Earth in the first Thor movie. His purpose was to serve those weaker than himself, to be selfless and to have compassion for others. Being King isn’t about having people serve under you, it’s about serving your subjects. After coming to this realization Thor regained the right to wield Mjolnir. Story ends, credits role, we have ourselves a bona-fide hero.


Not many other characters could wield Mjolnir even if they wanted to. Brute force doesn’t work with it. The Hulk with all his might was unable to use the hammer. Sure in comics he could lift it but not wield it. The Hulk couldn’t swing it at a person like Thor does. Like putting Mjolnir in an elevator and taking it up to the next floor above. The elevator is lifting it up, not using it as a weapon. Neither Hulk nor the elevator is actually wielding it. In the seemingly paradoxical joke situation, the elevator is not worthy, you can’t cheat Mjolnir . Either you’re worthy or you’re not. It sees into your soul.


What If?
But as a nerd I like to often stretch my imagination, picture in my head Superman picking up Mjolnir . He is often considered the most heroic character ever imagined. No one is more selfless than he is, or even as compassionate. But what of this modern iteration of Superman? The one from the films Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman. He has been reinvented for the modern era and is no longer your Christopher Reeve’s Superman.


Henry Cavill has done a respectable job in the role, as far as acting is concerned, but the character has played a much more different role in modern movies. He has been portrayed totally different than what came before him, for better or worse. Grant me this small consideration, I’d believe the older versions of Superman could definitely wield Mjoneir but is Henry Cavill’s Superman worthy to wield Mjolnir ? I’d say no, he is not.




The Modern Superman
It’s not so much how Henry Cavill acts. True, he plays Superman as cold and distant, one could say even say it’s alien. I’m fine with that. But I’d bet this is what Cavill has been asked to do or in other words directed to. It’s more of the situations Superman is put in and how he deals with them than anything else that speaks to his character. It’s how he reacts to the situations. It’s the plot and dialogue that troubles me.

Man of Steel
Take for example a scene from Man of Steel where Zod takes Superman aboard his main ship. Superman passes out from the stress of adjusting to the Kryptonian atmosphere and the two of them share a telepathic vision. Zod shares his plans of rebuilding Krypton here on Earth and in a very visually stunning way shows the pain and suffering terra-forming Earth would be like. (Or I guess Kryptoforming). Billions of people will die. In a metaphor imagery, Superman is seen in a pile of human human skulls that he slowly starts to sinking into it, like some macabre quick sand. It’s a great scene but it’s Superman’s response that is a let down. It hints at the kind of person he is.

Sman Skull Zod 2

Superman Knee Deep in the Dead


At first all he has to say is “Zod, your plan, I can take no part in this.” Not anything like “I’ll stop you” Or “you’ll never get away with this.” A normal person would be revolted by the idea of so many people dying. Even if you took an ordinary person off the street and put them in this situation they would be appalled and scream out in protest or defiance at least. Imagine if Spider-Man were drowning in skulls, he may call Zod a monster. Even a villain like Lex Luthor would be disgusted by such a vision if not for the wanton destruction. Genius after all has more finesse than Zod’s brute force approach to domination. Instead Superman is cold and distant, aloof as so many other viewers have described him. He does eventually cry out in protest but it comes as too late.  As with many of the other scenes, it’s Superman’s cold distant reaction to the tragedy around him that defines him, it speaks to his virtue and worthiness of wielding Mjolnir.  He shows no compassion at all, if he does it’s too late. He has no compassion to compel to act quickly and suddenly.

Sman Skulls Zod

Errr aaa I can’t take part in this … …


Batman vs Superman
In the much more recent Batman v Superman, things haven’t changed. Superman is still cold and distant. In one scene Superman is called to testify to the government. He walks through the halls ignoring everyone in a very robotic alien manner, perhaps in an almost stuck up attitude. He is god like after all. After Superman arrives, tragedy strikes and innocent people die. Afterward he just stands there, being invulnerable. He doesn’t assist in the rescue efforts or mitigate the pain and suffering in anyway. He could’ve used x-ray vision to help search for victims or used his super breath to put out the flames. Not even an angry shout or furled brow can be found on his face. Just a cold distant stare.


I just saw Superman but he didn’t see me …

I don’t know, but if I just saw something like a car wreck, I’d at least pull over and see if everyone was okay, maybe give some first aid. My capabilities pale in comparison to Superman’s. Even compared to a doctor or just some ordinary medic, I don’t have much to offer. But it’s not the capabilities that matter it’s the willingness to act that matters, it’s the willingness that makes you heroic. Compassion making you forget any hesitation.

In some respects the modern Superman is shown doing acts of good. Rescuing people and saving the day. In Batman v Superman he is shown pulling a stranded boat, rescuing a space launch, and saving flood victims to name a few. But its his reactions and his emotional connections that are telling. He is cold and distant, alien. I can understand this approach as he isn’t human after all, he’s the orphan immigrant from Krypton. But there is more to it than that.


And then I just flew away

The Cold Distant Alien
He still has some emotional ties to Earth, people he cares about. He grew up in the Midwest after all and has adoptive parents that he obviously loves. You can take the boy out of Kansas but not the Kansas out of the boy right? Not to mention his connection with Lois Lane and his mother. When these select few people are threatened he does indeed have an emotional response, usually just flat anger. The love and compassion is hard to see if it really is  ever there. Maybe Superman is just faking it all? Even his romantic scenes with Lois Lane are hard to swallow and come off as being more physical than emotional. What often is described as a lack of chemistry by viewers is more to blame on Superman’s aloofness than on the acting. It’s hard for a cold and distant character to fall in love.


Superman is mopey


I could understand the argument that this new Superman is an outsider, an alien. He has trouble connecting to ordinary people who are not his girlfriend or family, I guess. He is invincible after all. In many ways the new Superman is like Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen. Cold, distant, and aloof from the pain and suffering of ordinary people not so much because the center of his brain was removed or anything ridiculous like that. It’s because Dr. Manhattan just can’t relate to humans, he can’t sympathize with the fragility of human life because he is invincible. He is above us. He couldn’t anymore relate to humanity than we could relate to termites.

Dr. Manhattan
Take one scene from the Watchmen in particular, the one where victory is declared in Vietnam and the Comedian and Dr. Manhattan are at a bar, celebrating. The Comedian is confronted by a spurned lover and the Comedian kills her and her unborn child in an exaggerated act of self defense. But Dr. Manhattan does nothing. He could have intervened and saved her life but he hesitates. That ability to empathize has left him indecisive. Where real heroes would’ve acted out of compassion without thinking, Dr. Manhattan hesitates because it doesn’t compute.

comedian kills

A caring super hero would act without thinking. Dr. Manhattan had no such emotional compass to guide him so he hesitated and just let her die. Much like the modern Superman, he can’t relate to people, he can’t empathize with anyone. He doesn’t jump at the chance to save people from an emotional source, he does so out of some obligation. Manhattan doesn’t do it because he cares, he does it because it’s his job. In many ways the modern Superman behaves like Dr. Manhattan.

sup manhattan

Looking more and more alike

The Vision
Although a being can’t empathize with humanity it can still react with compassion for life. Take for example The Vision from Marvel. Though he is artificial, aloof, cold, and logical, he still can feel compassion for suffering people. He has sympathy for life. When something evil around him happens he doesn’t sit and ponder it. If you showed him a pile of human skulls he wouldn’t say something lame, he would be compelled to act immediately. He wouldn’t just say he couldn’t participate like what Superman said to Zod. The Vision would fight without hesitation. The Vision would be a hero. Because of his empathy and selflessness the Vision is able to wield Mjolnir but I’m not so sure about the modern Superman.

vision hammer

Sure the modern Superman is selfless but he is far from caring. He is cold and aloof, alien after all. The only humans he cares about are those the ones he knows personally. Nothing wrong with this, a lot of people in real life are like this and it doesn’t make them evil exactly. But it’s this combination of selflessness and compassion that defines heroism and the modern Superman is only half of this equation. He is incapable of empathy and is far less heroic for it. They took one of the best parts of Superman out. Left it discarded on the movie making floor, a relic of a bygone era.



Outdated, perhaps

It has been said that the Modern Superman is a product of our times. The old Superman as portrayed by Christopher Reeves could never be accepted by people today. Maybe this is true but he was far more heroic. He never hesitated, and his compassion was as formidable as his strength. The classic Superman could probably wield Mjolnir but not this cold modern one we are left with.

Captain America
True, a character sometimes has to evolve with the times, to represent society. But sometimes it more fun to buck the trend. To be a rebel, to be different. Just take Captain America as an example. He is such a fish out of water, a product of the nationalistic times of World War II. But after the culture shock of the Vietnam War, a much more gritty and realistic kind of character started to take hold on the American conscious. Just think of characters like the X-men and the Punisher. Heroes like Captain America lost their relevance. It wasn’t until much later that he was revived and reincorporated in to the comics and later on into the Marvel Cinematic Universe that people started to love him again. Sure he’s outdated and old fashioned but he still has character with out losing what makes him a great hero. There isn’t a moment of cold hesitation or alien aloofness in Captain America. He charges in with out hesitation because he cares for people and the fans love him for it. Even if he just some fossil, he’s a loved for having some character.

Cap and Supes

Now just who is more heroic?


In the films Captain America is portrayed as the most heroic of all the Avengers. Often he puts the safety of innocents above the current objective. Like when he instructed the police to evacuate people during the Centauri invasion. Or when in the sequel he put safety of people in the path of the out of control train as the team’s top priority . He still had compassion for innocent people during hectic battles. When danger happens, he charges in because he is both selfless and compassionate. The modern Superman, not so much.


Even when the modern Superman gives up on the patriotism of his”Truth, Justice, and the American Way” Captain america holds true. During the Marvel Civil War, when his government enacts laws that are against the country’s principles he still holds true to his ideals of liberty and freedom of the individual. He becomes a patriot with out a nation, a Ronin with out a master. Because of this he is far more heroic than the modern Superman who has sacrificed his virtues for the sake of being just as popular as Batman. And you know what, Captain America has wielded Mjolnir.


Is it 7 Eleven or America he stands for?


Kingdom Come and the rejection of Modernization
Superman’s whole shift of his character away from compassion and consequently heroism reminds me of the Alex Ross story, Kingdom Come. The story alludes to Superman doing something wrong and stops being a superhero. In the end it is revealed that a new hero arises, one who kills a criminal. This new hero doesn’t have the compassion to “take him in alive” in the way the good old heroes used to. There is a court hearing and this new violent superhero is acquitted. But more, the people accept the idea of a hero killing a criminal. This heartless hero is accepted by the people. Superman gives up and leaves in disgust but I believe the real moral of the story of Kingdom Come isn’t that Superman failed to evolve, to become more stern and gritty. But instead that society failed Superman, they chose the wrong hero and things got worse because of it. This new hero they chose was neither selfless nor compassionate, he certainly could never have used Thor’s Hammer.


Superman and his fellows

And that’s the sadistic part of the modern portrayal of Superman, he is less heroic. He lacks compassion and sympathy. D.C. Comics, trying to modernize itself in Marvel’s gritty realistic image isn’t without a price. Superman has become less heroic and in no way do I think he could ever wield Mjolnir. It doesn’t make Superman more interesting, it makes him a hero with less character; it diminishes him. It was Superman’s heroism that defined him, it’s what made him special, not is powers. This was why so many people loved him, they didn’t care how strong he was. Superman was the most heroic character ever, now he’s just another over powered being.

I want to hate the modern portrayal of Superman, his coldness and aloofness, his lack of compassion and humanity, but it’s not his fault. This is what society wants, a more realistic character that they can relate to I suppose. But I can’t stand him. It’s not the powers that make someone heroic, its the willingness to do good and the new Superman just isn’t that man. He has no compassion. He isn’t worthy Mjolnir, he isn’t worthy of being the greatest hero any more. They took that from him, we took that from him by modernizing him. We are to blame for Superman’s failure.


Superman after the trial

Superman as a Friend
To put things another way, having super powers is like being wealthy. Powers and money both give you a lot of ability to do good or evil in this world. Superman, occasionally saving people in the films, comes off as him just contributing the minimum amount to a charity. Like withdrawing funds from his pay automatically or donating at the office, just because he has to. It’s expected of him. Like a moral tithe. But when it comes to Superman going the extra mile, having compassion for innocents around him, he does so reluctantly if at all. Like some rich guy paying a bill at the restaurant and not leaving a good tip. With all of that power he should do more than the minimum, or else he looks like a jerk. He has to do more.


Superman, You decide

In the end I don’t think I like Superman these days. I don’t mean like being a fan of his or anything. I mean if I was to hang around him I don’t think I’d like him. He’s too much of a jerk. I know it’s real popular these days for characters to be gruff and all but when someone is incredibly powerful and has nothing to lose from having compassion and sympathy he runs the risk of being a jerk if he doesn’t at least try to care. It was that combination of incredible power and compassion that won over people’s hearts. I don’t think I’d count Superman as being a friend and I certainly wouldn’t think he could ever wield Thor’s hammer Mjolnir.


Is the Modern Superman worthy of Mjolnir

MCU Civil War Sides are Chosen

Two months ago, we brought to you our picks for how we thought the Civil War sides would fall.  Recently, Jeremy Renner (better known to you all as Hawkeye) posted on Twitter some very interesting concept art that clearly divides our favorite heroes.  Before we show you that, let’s remind you where we had our heroes stand:

Pro-anti 2

Now, here’s Renner’s post:

As you can see, we weren’t far off at all!  The major difference between the two lists is obviously Hawkeye himself.  We had him slotted for Team Iron Man, along with the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. members.  It would seem that whatever is about to go down between the Avengers, Hawkeye has been deeply affected by the events in Avengers: Age of Ultron and will be suspicious of Tony for the time being.

Now, there’s another aspect of this poster that we have to talk about:  there’s a blonde woman siding with Captain, and consequently, there’s no Scarlet Witch.  Being as it is  just concept art at this point, it definitely doesn’t mean we won’t see Scarlet Witch at all (she was cast in the movie already.)  However, there is a Sharon Carter in the poster.  She had a small, but important role in the comics version of Civil War that would cause so many spoiler issues we dare not even write it.  Her part, though, in both Captain America:  Winter Soldier and the comics, should in no way constitute an image on the poster.  We already have many issues with Marvel’s current treatment of their female characters; this does nothing but make it worse.

A huge surprise is the addition of Black Panther fighting for Team Iron Man.  Rumors, and even allusions in Avengers: Age of Ultron, lead us to believe that Black Panther would be sitting this fight out, avoiding all of the American superhero politics.  How he will be introduced and developed in this film will be a huge plot point and one that we’re all interested in  seeing.  On the bright side, it does mean his character isn’t completely being phased out by Marvel’s introduction of Spider-Man into the MCU.

Lastly, there’s no Hulk.  He was cast and yet he’s not here.  Well, there could be several reasons behind that.  He may still be on the lam, not willing to join the fray and take a side any time soon.  He may not be ready to stand with or against Natasha in another battle. Despite their feelings, she did end up forcing him back into Hulk mode, which he was clearly unwilling to do at the time.  His part may be so small that he’s merely there to set up something in the future.  While Planet Hulk is still a pipe dream (thanks, Universal), the possibilities of Hulk’s future aren’t as limited as they seem.  Marvel can get pretty creative when they want to be.

Did your predictions get it right?  What do you think of all the new costumes?  Be sure to comment below with how you think the Civil War will change the MCU! Whose side are you on?


MCU Civil War Sides are Chosen