Ghostbusters Fancast

Transcribed from 2/3/16 episode of Screen Heroes: Episode 7 “Would You Watch It?”

Every once in a while, we recast, or fancast, films.  This time, we each chose to cast a Ghostbusters film we want to watch. We all take different approaches and three really fun movies emerge. Which one would you most like to see?




Sequel: Ghostbusters 3, The Boogie Man Cometh

Directed by Edgar Wright

Nick Frost – particle physicist
Kristen Schaal – straight man, Venkman-like character
Terry Crews – the humor, big guy who idolized the Ghostbusters as a kid and grew up to be one
Milla Jovovich – the action hero


Michael Fassbender – Receptionist
Bruce Campbell – Lawyer, Rick Moranis character
Doug Jones (body)/Tim Curry – Boogie Man


Plot revolves around the lingering Boogie Man, who haunted Spengler as a kid. The original Ghostbusters train the new ones

Ecto: Dodge Magnum



Sequel, Ghostbusters: The Krakening

Directed by Peyton Reed

Simon Pegg – leader of the team, chemical engineer, weapon-smith
Ellie Kemper – daughter of Simon Pegg’s character, grew up in this business, not sure if she’ll follow
Jessica Williams – smartest person on team, many PhDs, always serious
Bill Hader – womanizer, Venkman without charm


TJ Miller – receptionist, love interest to Ellie Kemper
Ricky Gervais – human antagonist
Morgan Freeman – Daegon


Ecto: Mini Cooper Ectos, everyone gets their own little car

Set in Portland, Oregon in a former haunted tavern

Ricky Gervais and Simon Pegg’s characters move over from England to start their own Ghostbuster franchise. Gervais’s character believed he could use some ghosts to help fight other ghosts and was fired for involving himself in black arts and releasing previously captured ghosts.

Final battle in the sea facing a giant Kraken-like version of Morgan Freeman



Reboot, recast of original characters

Directed by  James Gunn

Michael B. Jordan – “Winston”
Emma Watson – “Spengler”
Grant Gustin – “Stantz”
Paul Giammati – “Venkman”


Mila Kunis – Receptionist

Brent Spiner – Walter Peck

Justin Timberlake – Louis Tully

Emma Stone – Dana


In place of a the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, a giant Funko Pop Vinyl attacks New York. Resembles an innocent object that would never hurt you.

What do you think of our movies? Would you watch any of them? Let us know what you think and to hear the original pitches in their full detail, catch the original episode, click here.

Ghostbusters Fancast

Ghostbusters: The Board Game Deluxe Edition Unboxing

On March 12th, 2015 Ghostbusters: The Board Game was successfully funded on Kickstarter. This Cryptozoic Entertainment campaign was designed to bring us a miniatures based Ghostbusters game featuring all of our favorite Ghostbusters, ghosts, ghouls, and other creatures. As the Cryptozoic team crushed their goals, new stretch perks were added, each one bringing in more miniatures or bigger ones until we got our 100mm size “Impossible Mode” Stay Puft. I was lucky enough to be part of the campaign, contributing at their Mass Hysteria level. Now that my Ghostbusters: The Board Game Deluxe Edition has arrived, join me in my unboxing which showcases all that this version of the game has to offer including a look at some of the miniatures involved, especially the big bad ones, like our marshmallow friend.

What did you think of the unboxing? Are you excited to pick this game up at your local tabletop store? Were you part of the Kickstarter campaign? Comment below with your thoughts on the miniatures and the game itself, if you’ve had a chance to play. Meanwhile, stay tuned… just in case we get a chance to bring you our thoughts on our initial play through the game.

Ghostbusters: The Board Game Deluxe Edition Unboxing