Short Treks: “The Trouble with Edward”

Short Treks: “The Trouble with Edward”
Redshirts & Runabouts

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Two episodes in back to back weeks? Thrusters are on full as we continue our Short Treks discussions with Season 2, Episode 2 “The Trouble with Edward” starring Rosa Salazar and H. Jon Benjamin! Derreck and Rae discuss this Tribble focused episode along with the results from a personal Star Trek ship poll from Twitter.

We return to #Prepping4Picard next week! So be sure to check out our list of episodes at the link below.

Top 20 Quintessential Picard Episodes:

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Short Treks: “The Trouble with Edward”

RR02: Context is for Canon

Discovery continues with Episode 3 “Context is for Kings” and we finally get to see the USS Discovery and meet Captain Lorca! This week on Redshirts & Runabouts, we break down the episode and talk about what it did better than the prelude to the series, as well as things we might not have enjoyed.

We kick things off with our spoiler-free thoughts before breaking to dive into the details. We talk about the new characters like Captain Lorca, Cadet Tilly, and the return of Saru, the new ships, the technology, and the mission Discovery might actually be on during the series.

There’s also a tease for an upcoming Star Trek book contest! So make sure you listen!

Join our three-man crew for a journey that will span decades, every episode, every series, every movie, and every possible timeline no matter how small.

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RR02: Context is for Canon