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The One About Joe’s Favourite Movie

The One About Joe’s Favourite Movie
Kaiju Curry House

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I’m very pleased to tell you all that episode 7 of Kaiju Curry House is now live! You’re probably a bit tired of kaiju following all the action from Godzilla King of the Monsters, but this episode isn’t focusing on giant monsters destroying cities, we are taking a step back to a black and white creature feature of the 50’s and find out about Joe’s favourite movie, “The Create From the Black Lagoon”!

Depending on how much you like the smoothing voice of Joe, you could be in for a treat with “The One about Joe’s favourite movie”. In this episode Joe takes the lead and delves deep into The Creature From The Black Lagoon! Sadly, Alex is not present in this episode, but don’t worry, he will be back soon. I (Paul) mainly leave Joe to geek out through most of it!

It looks like my new segment titled “What have Kaij-You been up to?” is here to stay, so again we chat about what kaiju stuff we’ve seen since the last podcast.

As you (may or may not) know we have created this podcast not only because it’s fun for us to talk kaiju, but also because we want to engage with like minded people. So if you also love the film then please get in touch and share why, or argue why you don’t like this film…respectfully of course.

If you’re just discovering us, Kaiju Curry House is a new podcast series under the Heroes Podcast Network umbrella. It is designed to focus on all aspects of kaiju fandom, for those who grew up with it, or have just discovered it.

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Doug Jones Interview at KC Comic Con

The man behind Saru of Star Trek: Discovery, Doug Jones, was gracious enough to talk with us for a while about his upcoming movie projects including The Shape of Water. We also talk Star Trek, how Saru and his physical movements came to be, as well as how Jones sees Discovery fitting into the whole Trek franchise. Catch the interview below and be sure to check out our dedicated Star Trek podcast series, Redshirts & Runabouts! Details below.

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We hope you enjoyed our interview with Doug Jones! We want to thank Mr. Jones for taking the time to speak with us on the convention floor and wish him the best of luck with his future projects!

We’d also like to thank Kansas City Comic Con for hosting us last weekend. We hosted three live episode panels that can be found at the links below.

Costume Couture: Cosplay & LGBT+

Gamer Heroes: Guilty Pleasure Gaming

Screen Heroes: Ranking the Batman

Redshirts & Runabouts: Cloaking, Jumps, and Doug Jones

Live long and prosper.

Doug Jones Interview at KC Comic Con

RR08: Cloaks, Jumps, and Doug Jones

We’ve got a special interview with Doug Jones, the man behind Saru as well as many other incredible creatures and characters! The interview comes from Kansas City Comic Con and Doug Jones was gracious enough to talk with us on the convention floor about his upcoming projects and his thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery!

Then, it’s back to the show as we break down and discuss “Into the Forest I Go”, the mid-season finale for Star Trek: Discovery.

Join our three-man crew for a journey that will span decades, every episode, every series, every movie, and every possible timeline no matter how small.

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RR08: Cloaks, Jumps, and Doug Jones