Strange New Worlds

Starfleet Starship Design: Part 3

Starfleet Starship Design: Part 3
Redshirts & Runabouts

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We conclude our Starfleet Starship discussion by using a wormhole to travel to an alternate reality, the Kelvin Timeline! First, we kick things off with our thoughts on the newly announced Star Trek: Strange New Worlds CBS All Access series starring Anson Mount (Captain Pike), Rebecca Romijn (Number One, AKA Una), and Ethan Peck (Spock)! Then, we talk about the major Starfleet vessels that we get in the three Kelvin timeline films: Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond!

Also, please note that we have moved to a bi-weekly format. So we’ll have a new episode for you on June 2nd!

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Starfleet Starship Design: Part 3

Star Trek: Mission New York

This week, we have a very special episode recorded live at Star Trek: Mission New York! This convention was in celebration of the Star Trek franchise’s 50th anniversary, which is officially Thursday, September 8th. We were lucky enough to attend and interview three fantastic people! First up, we have Kelli Fitzpatrick and Derek Attico. These two were both selected as part of the 10 whose personal Star Trek short stories were chosen for official publication in this year’s Strange New Worlds novel. This book series was annual from 1998 through 2007 but has now returned after its announcement last October with winners selected this past April. I was able to take some of Kelli and Derek’s time this weekend to talk about the experience and their process. Next, we were lucky enough to get some time with Al River, a Lead Designer for Star Trek Online, specifically focusing on the console launch of the game that hit PC over six years ago. The console launch happened yesterday, September 6th and is free-to-play on Xbox One and PS4. We go in-depth on the process of bringing the longtime PC game to consoles, details on UI changes, and more.

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Star Trek: Mission New York