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WW84: Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Episode 232: Wonder Woman 1984 Review

It’s WW84 time as we celebrate our first big blockbuster movie release in months! Happy New Year and welcome to 1984 with our review of the Wonder Woman sequel! Plus, we talk WandaVision, HBO Max, and the DCEU!

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WW84: Wonder Woman 1984 Review

Wonder Woman Movie Review

It’s our Wonder Woman spoiler-filled discussion! First we talk news including the latest from the Ghostbusters franchise, Marvel’s new animated series, Luke Cage filming, and then a bit on the Dark Universe being launched with this weekend’s new movie, The Mummy. Then it’s all Wonder Woman as we take a deep dive into the superhero’s first live-action movie. We talk Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, special effects, plot points, that one scene (yeah, you know which one), and finally, our personal grade for the DCEU’s fourth installment.

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Wonder Woman Movie Review