SH S2E26: Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Review

SH S2E26: Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Review
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Alright you primative screw heads, listen up. We kick things off with some comic book movie news from DC Entertainment plus some thoughts on the latest Marvel movie trailers. Then, we dive straight into Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2! We talk episodes, characters, plots, special effects, gore, and more! There will be spoilers for all of Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 as well as spoilers from the films in that universe from the original Evil Dead up through the 2013 remake\reboot\continuation film.

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SH S2E26: Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Review

American Gods Has a Teaser

A lot of amazing things came out of San Diego Comic Con this weekend, like every year. But one bit of news you might have missed was found in the American Gods panel on Friday.  While casting is still going on, the STARZ series now has a teaser trailer which you can watch here:

The Synopsis

Ricky Whittle (The 100) plays our hero, Shadow Moon, a felon who is released early from prison after his wife has died.  On his way home, Shadow comes across Mr. Wednesday, a modern looking Norse god Odin, who manages to talk Shadow into working for him.  Shadow then becomes entangled in a war between the old gods of mythology (Norse, Egyptian, Greek) and the new gods of media, technology, and drugs.  They all crave the worship of others and only some will survive.

Sounds silly, right?  Well, that’s what I thought too, before reading the book, that is.  I realized it was such a unique concept with an accurate portrayal of the mass populations of today.  We give the same attention to our smartphones that was once given to Apollo at a shrine.  We sacrifice our lives for sex and drugs when humans once sacrificed themselves for Huitzilopochtli. The poignancy of our human existence was subtly hidden between hilarious moments of Lucille Ball dropping the F-word and wanting to show Shadow “the goods.”  Author Neil Gaiman is known for his ability to interweave cruel reality with magic and a blunt humor that keeps a smile on the reader’s faces even during his darkest moments.  As a huge Neil Gaiman fan, I can easily say that this book is by far his best (as of now; I’d never say someone has peaked.)

The Series

What’s more exciting is that now, American Gods can shine on the silver screen too. While the idea to adapt the novel has been floating in cinematic limbo for years, STARZ was the network that was finally able to appease Neil Gaiman (see, he kept turning production studios down because they wanted to white-wash all the characters, including Shadow.) The series will debut in 2017 with a 10-episode run, a perfect amount for the lengthy novel, adapted by successful showrunner Bryan Fuller (who also has his hands full with Star Trek: Discovery) and Michael Green. Joining Whittle is Emily Browning as Laura Moon (Shadow’s wife), Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday, Kristen Chenowith as Easter, Gillian Anderson as Media, Crispin Glover as Mr. World, and Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy.

Are you excited for the American Gods? Comment below with your thoughts!

American Gods Has a Teaser

Ash vs Evil Dead – Season 1 Review

The guy with the Boomstick is back and ready for action in the first season of the new STARZ series Ash vs Evil Dead. The new STARZ Original Series is a sequel to the beloved cult franchise Evil Dead but not the 2013 remake. That’s right, the new series follows our older, more incompetent hero, the male Ash Williams played by none other than Bruce Campbell. For those wondering, it appears that the series follows the theatrical ending to Army of Darkness and not the fan favorite Director’s Cut ending that leaves Ash more or less alone in a dystopian future.

So what does the new Ash vs Evil Dead series provide? An incredibly fun and refreshing horror comedy series that plays out like a long 5-hour Evil Dead film full of deadites, blood, gore, and Ash continuously getting in his own and everyone else’s way. Spoilers follow but I try not to go into TOO much detail. Groovy?

Initial Concerns for Evil Dead TV Series

I, like many lifelong Evil Dead fans, had some apprehension about premise and format for the show. You see, I was very excited for the rumored plans that were circling when the 2013 Evil Dead remake came out. Now, I like that movie quite a bit and thought Jane Levy did a great job filling the “Ash” role. The prospect of a sequel followed by an Army of Darkness sequel that led to a merging of the two “universes” in a seventh film had me very excited. Who did not love the Bruce Campbell tease in the post-credits of that remake? If you answer “me!”… just stop reading now. Anyway, to learn that this idea was scrapped was a disappointment but to learn that we would be getting a 10-episode mini-series meant a huge chunk of content in the Evil Dead  universe. Then things took another turn with the announcement that the series would only include 30-minute episodes. This is something that concerned me. It seemed like a sitcom format. How could they tell a compelling story with action in such short chunks?

Well, my concerns were overblown and flat out wrong. The show is fantastic. It’s everything I wanted from an Evil Dead series. Let’s dive into the why.

The Characters of Ash vs Evil Dead

Amanda Fisher (Jill Marie Jones)

Ash vs Evil Dead - Amanda

Fisher is a cop that who comes face to face with the cruelty of the Deadites when her partner is killed in a gruesome manner. Shortly after, she becomes obsessed with Ash after more deaths occur at his previous place of residence. Throughout the series, she was my least favorite character. I found her poorly written and awkward. I felt like she was there simply to give Ash pressure to keep moving but motivations were a stretch as this police office continues to ignore the orders of her superiors. She was also too quick to trust in Ruby Knowby (Lucy Lawless), though maybe Ruby used some mystical powers on her. Toward the end of the season, however, she improves and becomes a fun character right up until her incredible surprising end.

Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo)

Ash vs Evil Dead - Pablo, Ash, and Kelly


Kelly, pictured right, is the lead female character in the season. She joins our heroes early on and quickly shows herself to be strong, intelligent, and a no nonsense kind of girl. While she is quick to accept what’s going on around her, I found her emotional reactions to the death of her family to be similar to those of Ash’s in the original films. She took things personally and missed her family, but there was a job to do. I personally really enjoyed the episodes where she was possessed by the demon. She was a lot of fun and it was cool having someone “on the inside” so to speak.

Pablo Simon Bolivar (Ray Santiago)

Ash vs Evil Dead - Pablo and Ash

Ash’s right-hand man through and through is our buddy Pablo, pictured left. He is an innocent but courageous guy who just wants his role model, Ash for some reason, to be proud of him. Pablo brings a sense of lightheartedness and innocence to the series that has been lacking literally for decades. Until now, every character is either dark, dies too quickly, or is Ash. We finally have a hero character who means well and is altruistic in nature, a nice balance to Ash’s constant narcissism.

Ruby Knowby (Lucy Lawless)

Ash vs Evil Dead - Ruby

This woman is simply not in the show enough. Lucy Lawless is incredible. She’s creepy, she’s threatening, mysterious, and also badass. Unfortunately, she doesn’t meet up with the A Plot until near the end of the season but the wait was worth it. Learning who she really is was exciting and not something I expected until the very last moment before the reveal. I also liked how they played her character so that if the show did not get a second season, the first season is a fantastic self-contained story BUT since they did get a second season, we can expect Lawless to return as Ruby for more fun.

Ashley “Ash” J. Williams (Bruce Campbell)

Ash vs Evil Dead - Ash in Diner

Just give the guy some sugar, baby. This is the role Bruce Campbell was born to play and I love having him back. Ash is older, more experienced, a little more selfish but he still watches out for those close to him… up until the very end when he has a chance to take a break from Deadite hunting. Ash hasn’t lost a step. He is still a brutal and accurate Deadite killer and continues to school everyone episode to episode. I personally loved the scene where he fights himself. Sure, it was done in Army of Darkness but this one was actually better and the existence of two Ashs caused more interesting events to occur with real consequences.

Why You Have to Watch Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead

The show includes a fantastic mix of characters that’s diverse in both gender and cultural background. The core cast is small which allows the show to focus on their individual development. Even though the series is split into 10 half-hour episodes (some did run long), the series never drags. In fact, Ash vs Evil Dead is incredibly action-packed with a story and pushes forward with each new episode. The story is compelling and the writers did a great job hiding the true nature of what was happening until the very end. On a lighter note, I really enjoyed the various hand options Ash goes through, especially his Nintendo PowerGlove hand.

Having Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi return to a universe they created so long ago is a fun and refreshing experience. The show does not take itself too seriously but at the same time, takes advantage of new special effects and a larger budget to provide some killer Deadites, demons, and gore without losing the signature Evil Dead style.

Ash vs Evil Dead has been renewed for a second season on STARZ and the first script has already been submitted. Plans are to have season two on TV in 2016, so more Ash vs Evil Dead is on the way with plans for the main cast to return.

I rate Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1 as 5\5.

The Grid Rating Saucer 5\5



What did you think of Ash vs Evil Dead’s first season? Comment below with your take!

If you haven’t seen the show yet, catch the first episode for free now on STARZ here.

Don’t forget to Shop Smart. Shop…. ValueShop.

Ash vs Evil Dead – Season 1 Review

Fall 2015 TV Show Blurbs

With Fall TV shows starting up, our team takes a look at a few we are most excited about. These shows consist of returning hits from networks like The CW and FOX, new shows coming to premium channels like STARZ, and even one series returning on a different service all together, Hulu. We’ve got superheroes returning and changing, old friends returning from long absences, a guy you love to hate that just might give you feels this season, and Mr. The Frog’s gang. So sit back and read up on what’s returning, what’s news, and what we are most excited for in the Fall 2015 TV season.




Last season wasn’t the best.  I stuck with the show because both previous seasons had proven to me that you can give fans exactly what they want without sacrificing all humor or changing every bit of the source material in the adaptation.  However, Arrow almost lost me.  The entire subplot of Oliver and Felicity was just downright awful.  “Are we going to be together?” “I love you, but I could never hurt you.”  Oh, just shut up and fire some arrows already.  Romance is important. I like a good romance story arc, but give it a rest.  Sorry, Felicity, Oliver’s life does not outweigh the rest of the city’s. Please stop trying to convince your ex-boyfriend of that; it’s uncomfortable for all of us.  The stories with Diggle and Layla were beautiful.  Their wedding and baby girl, Sarah, added a depth to their characters that wasn’t needed, but helped the audience connect even more.  We saw characters that had been previously one dimensional (Laurel, Thea, Roy) really come into their own and lead the show into a new realization: Arrow doesn’t need Oliver to be amazing.  The creative team at The CW has given enough lasting elements to Starling City that makes me want to come back.

The teasers for season 4 have been incredibly impressive.  As in the previous mentioned Arrow article, they’re not being shy about adding in new faces.  We’ll be seeing new big bads and little bads, new heroes, new sidekicks.  We’re also getting a taste of what NBC lost.  Matt Ryan has been seen reprising his Constantine role which was canceled earlier this spring after being shoved in an unsuccessful time slot.  Thanks to the campaigns of both fans and Stephen Amell, the incarnation of the character will not be lost forever.

Ultimately, the season has the most potential than any before.  Aside from the great character foundation that Arrow has built, it also has sister shows The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow to draw from.  Keeping all three shows cyclical and connected is to sure to bring all of them success over the years.

Written by: Rae Stewart

Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead

I think this show is the one I am most excited about due to the return of Bruce Campbell to my favorite of his roles, Ash. Our chainsaw-armed “hero” is set to return after a 30 years. The series is set to take place three decades after Army of Darkness, the sequel to Evil Dead II. Based on the premise and interviews, we can safely assume it does not follow the Director’s Cut ending where Ash oversleeps for hundreds of years and wakes up in the future. Instead, Ash sleeps the correct amount and wakes up in his own time to work again at S-Mart. The show is to air on the premium channel, STARZ and is being led by Bruce Campbell with Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Drag Me to Hell) as Executive Producer. The series is set for 10 half-hour episodes, giving up nearly 5 hours of content, which is definitely more exciting than a single two hour film. The series kicked things into high gear with the addition of female action badass, Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). The new Evil Dead universe series, Ash vs Evil Dead airs its first episode on Halloween. So stay groovy and break out your old boomsticks. Oh and don’t forget to shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

Written by: Derreck Mayer

The Flash

The Flash

The multiverse is here. For those DC fans out there, you know what this can mean. For those who don’t, let me bring you up to speed. The DC Universe included something called the multiverse. Until The Flash, this concept existed mainly in comic books and a few cartoons but never in the live action adaptions either on the big or small screens. The multiverse is the concept that there are multiple universes with multiple Earths that each vary, sometimes slightly, sometimes in very large ways. Earth 2, for example, includes the Val Zod Superman and Alan Scott Green Lantern while “our” universe is Clark and Hal or Jon or Guy…. or Simon… or Kyle (yes there are a lot of Lanterns)… anyway, the idea is that many Earths exist, providing nearly endless possibilities.

Last season on The Flash, we caught a glimpse of this in two major ways. First, Mark Hamill reprising his role as The Trickster. This was a role he played in the original Flash TV series back in the day along side John Wesley Shipp who played Flash. Now, Shipp plays Barry Allen’s father. Was Mark Hamill’s casting a simple ode to fans or was there a possible connection to the 1990 series? Well, we now have rumors that one of the other universes might star Shipp back in his rubber suit as Flash! I’m beyond excited about this opportunity. The second way the multiverse showed itself to us was a little more obvious and is basically confirmed, Jay Garrick Flash. Who? Well, the name Flash has been used by several people over the years. Barry is just the most popular due to recent comic books and the fantastic cartoon Justice League. Did you catch that weird metal helmet with the lightning bolts at the end of season 1? That’s Jay’s helmet, from another universe. Did you catch the weird wormhole Barry ran through? All of those strange things we saw, statues at the Flash museum, Caitlin Snow as possibly (Killer) Frost, and so much more.

Additionally, Warner Bros does not wish to directly connect their movie and TV universes. So how can we have two Flashes? Easy, the multiverse. I am very excited about this possibility and the options that The CW now have to play with. We can see incredible characters and crossover stories us comic book fans could only dream of.

The Flash is so much more though. It’s bright, funny, exciting, thrilling, and just an enjoyable show that is part of The CW’s DC Universe alongside Arrow, Vixen (which is available on CW Seed online), and Legends of Tomorrow (coming soon to The CW).

If you haven’t seen season 1, you should definitely try to catch up with the fastest man alive. Season 2 premieres October 6th on The CW.

Written by: Derreck Mayer



Gotham, having premiered last week, gave us a very different direction for its second season as opposed to its first. Several things have changed that have made this show, in several ways, unlike its predecessor. The cast has been switched around with some characters bumped up from reoccurring to main and some main characters removed entirely. Several characters are also following arcs entirely different from the first season. While much of this I approve of since I don’t particularly mind when shows try new things, the one thing I take issue with is this season’s supposed focus on villains. The second season, subtitled “Rise of the Villains,” teased that several familiar villains, presumably taken from Batman’s rogue’s gallery, will appear to plague Gordon’s quest to purify Gotham. However, given that several villains have already been introduced, including Penguin, Catwoman, Scarecrow, along with others, it seems unnecessary to sudden start adding in a ton of other villains. It really depends on how much depth they are willingly to put into each episode’s story as well as the season long arc since, if done correctly, this could make for some very interesting character driven drama but it could also simply be a ploy as getting ratings by teasing Batman villain fan service without going into any real depth. So while I am excited for this upcoming season, I am skeptical of how it will be done. Here’s hoping.

Written by: 

The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth

Did you see season 1? No? Then stop reading and go watch it. This show is different, to be sure. I mean, how often do you get a comedy that you actually want to watch where you hate, and I mean hate, the man “protagonist”. I put that in quotations because I am not sure we can call Phil Miller a good guy. Anyway, the show is fresh and funny. It puts a humorous and, at times, realistic spin on the post-apocalyptic world. Will Forte pulls of a character you love to hate and hate that you might just love. Meanwhile, Kristen Schaal is hilarious, quirky, and smart. The additional cast supports well, though I’m not a huge fan of January Jones’ character Melissa Shart. Not her fault, I just don’t find the character interesting.

Season 1 ends with Phil and Carol off on their own, leaving their new little community behind, Carol definitely regretting the decision almost immediately. What will happen to them? Well, I’m sure they will stumble across more people and Phil will continue to get in his own way with his dishonest and selfish behavior. Hopefully, Carol can finally get through to him.

The only way to find out if Phil gets what’s coming to him is by tuning in on FOX. Episode 1 is out now!

Written by: Derreck Mayer

The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project

I am so pumped this show was rescued.  While it had been canceled by Fox (what isn’t?), Hulu swooped in to see it continue.  The show’s ratings had drooped and, as a need to push for viewers’ interest, they introduced a pregnancy story line used to hook people from season 3 to 4.  It wasn’t the best thing they could have done, but I understand why they needed to do it.  What’s so special is that while she is pregnant, Mindy is not stuck with that being her only place on the show.  She’s also opening her own practice, which as a professional, would be fodder for an entire season of episodes if the main character was male (how often do they use the pregnant story line for a male-lead sitcom?) The fact that the show is wanting to show multiple facets of a character, both as a mother and a professional, could be groundbreaking.  For some reason it’s considered a super power when a woman is both a parent and working professional.  If this upcoming season manages to balance both major aspects of the character’s life without losing Mindy’s wit and charm in the process, then I’m in for life.  I will watch The Mindy Project until it is no more and probably some more after that.

Written by: Rae Stewart

The Muppets

The Muppets

It’s time to start the music, light the lights, and put the kids to bed because these Muppets are for you, adults. The Muppets are back on the air in their new adult-themed series. The show centers around the Muppets producing a late night talk show starring Miss Piggy and produced by Kermit. The rest of our friends, and most of them at least make a small appearance in the first episode, support the show as cast and crew. The style of the series is similar to The Office or other interview style shows.

The jokes are adult. The themes are adult. The Muppets are adult. The Muppets is a show for adults, specifically, those who grew up with and loved The Muppets. We get to finally watch these characters deal with real adult problems like relationships, jobs, and social issues.

Many are disappointed at the adult nature of the jokes and themes but I am excited about the possibilities. I can’t wait to see how the series evolves, how the characters grow, and what ends up happening between Miss Piggy, Kermit, and his new love interest.

So, go get things started by catching up on the first episode of The Muppets on ABC before tonight’s episode airs.

Written by: Derreck Mayer

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

Get ready all you Oncers! Sunday, September 27th marked the season 5 premiere of Once Upon A Time. This season has been teased to be the darkest the show has gone to date. That’s explainable seeing as how the savior Emma Swan has now been consumed by darkness and has become the new “Dark One” replacing Rumplestilstskin in the process. Now dubbed the Dark Swan by the creators of the show and fans around the world Snow White, Prince Charming, Belle, Henry, Regina (The Evil Queen), Robin Hood, and Hook must all band together to try and break Emma free from this darkness and return her to the light. With a quest for Camelot and to find the powerful sorcerer Merlin on the agenda, along with returning fan favorite characters such as Zelena, Mulan, and Ruby (Red Riding Hood) with also adding in Princess Merida from Disney Pixar’s Brave in the mix of it all. You can bet a whole new batch of characters, stories, and locations will be explored for this season. So don’t forget to tune in Sundays on ABC Family to see all your favorite fairytale characters and more fight the forces of good and evil.

Written by: Ian T.

Well, that’s our list for our Fall 2015 TV show blurbs. What are you most excited for this season? Comment below!

Fall 2015 TV Show Blurbs

First Image from Ash vs Evil Dead

A few weeks ago we were introduced to the first teaser trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead, a new TV series from Starz set to hit the small screen this Fall. Ash vs Evil Dead takes place in present day, 30 years after the original Evil Dead movie, not the 2013 remake\reboot\sequel. The new show will star the legendary chainsaw-armed Bruce Campbell along with Mimi Rogers and Jill Marie Jones. The show is also led by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, Drag Me to Hell), of the Evil Dead films.

So, to date, we have two trailers, one teaser and the original graphic (both linked below) but now we also have our first image of Bruce back in the chainsaw. See the picture below from Entertainment Weekly and let us know what you think of it and the trailers. Are you ready for some killer necronomicon action? Because we are!

Ash vs Evil Dead First Image

Here is the latest teaser trailer, chainsaw and all:

Here is the original graphic trailer from a little while back:


To learn more about the upcoming series, which is set to have 10 thirty minute episodes, check out their Facebook page –> Ash vs Evil Dead

First Image from Ash vs Evil Dead