GH63: Spider-Man, Spider-Man Does Whatever a Spider Can

GH63: Spider-Man, Spider-Man Does Whatever a Spider Can
Gamer Heroes

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In this episode, our heroes discuss web-slinging across New York in the new Spider-Man game for PS4, strange diseases in Two Point Hospital, and the worst placement for an appendage in the Kingdom Death: Monster board game. Hear the response to the previous week’s Question of the Week “What is your funniest video game addition story?”, and be sure to tune in to find out what this week’s question is!

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GH63: Spider-Man, Spider-Man Does Whatever a Spider Can

SH S4E01: Spider-Man Homecoming Review

Spider-Man has yet another new solo film and we’re here to tell you all about it and where it lands in the sea of MCU movies. Before we dive into our friendly neighbor Spider-Man discussion, we talk news including the casting of Squirrel Girl in the MCU, the first Inhumans trailer, plus DC’s animated universe enters the realm of Elseworld for the first time with Gotham by Gaslight.

Then it’s off to our spoiler-free thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming, followed by our severely spoiler-filled thoughts, finishing up the night with our letter grade for the MCU’s 16th movie.

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SH S4E01: Spider-Man Homecoming Review

Mort of the Month – Manikin

Greetings, True Believers! Do you ever feel lonely, singled out, or out of place? Let me introduce you to a Mort who never had to feel that way. (Except for that last one.)
Writers warning: You may not know any of the character referenced here. I implore you to read about them at your local Wikipedia.


Real Name: Whitman Knapp

Abilities: A mutant ability to manifest three separate versions of himself from throughout history.

Debuting in Marvel Comics’ Alpha Flight #44 (March 1987), Whitman Knapp was an intern at a hospital in Canada. He was a colleague of Lionel Jeffries, who would become the monster, Omega.

Omega used his powers to distort poor Whitman’s DNA, which triggered his latent mutant ability to manifest three other versions of himself:

  • Proto, a semi-sentient glob of primeval goo capable of corroding substances by secreting acid
  • Ape-Man, a neanderthal with “great strength”
  • Highbrow, a future descendant of humanity, who was really smart and could teleport

So, this guy could call past and future versions of “himself”. I understand the future version, but why would he choose the primordial ooze and caveman? Talk about the strangest family reunion ever. His only real skill was as a Doctor. And, to top it all off, he called himself “Manikin”, get it “Man-i-kin”, something about being a man and having family… Manikin spent the majority of his career in Alpha Flight, at a time when only die hard fans were buying those issues. (Read: 1990’s) During this, he spent some time questioning his own existence. He believed he was a fictional character and had conversations with his creator. These were later discovered to be machinations of the DreamQueen. After Alpha Flight recruited some better members, Manikin was demoted to Beta Flight, which was apparently better than Gamma Flight, and, hopefully better than Omega Flight. (If they existed.)

After a fight with the Spider-Man villain Jackal, Manikin’s powers were changed to only allow him to change into one of his manifestations at a time. Kind of like the lamest version of Ben 10. “Whit-3”. Also, for some reason, his manifestations changed their appearances slightly, Ape-Man became more ape and less man.

Why he’s a “Mort”: If you were able to call reinforcements to battle, would they be your grandparents and future children? This guy is the superhero equivalent of that guy who always threatens to call his dad on you.

Rating: 4 out of 10 useless manifestations.

Mort of the Month – Manikin

Mort of the Month – The Walrus

Once again, valued readers, it is time for the Mort of the Month!

Most Morts are known mainly by their powers and not their personality. Well, let me introduce you to a villain who was a Mort even before he donned a costume!

The Savage Walrus

Real Name: Hubert Carpenter

Abilities: Minimal superhuman strength, agility, and endurance; good at crossword puzzles; ability to distract enemies by his dumbfounding remarks; above average ability to hold his breath; a protective layer of blubber deflects minor injuries and freezing temperatures.
Hubert Carpenter was a cab driver in New York. He lived with an eccentric Uncle Humbert, who was a janitor and a Mad Scientist, apparently a double major in the Marvel universe. After Donning a costume with a Rainbow “W” proudly stamped on his chest, Hubert was apparently endowed with the proportionate strength and speed of a walrus. While walri walruses are larger and stronger than humans, that would mean he would be weaker and slower than the average human. In actuality, he did gain a bit of super strength, endurance, and invulnerability. He can rip lamp posts out and swing them around without breaking a sweat. While his backstory may seem impressive, his ambitions reached to the highest mountain of “breaking stuff”. Literally, he described himself as a “mass-destructionist”. So, a villain who breaks stuff, brilliant! Unsurprisingly, he was first defeated in Defenders #131 (May 1984) during his inaugural debut by a lesser known hero, Frog-Man, who may or may not end up on my Mort-o-meter in the future. Essentially, Walrus fought until he collapsed. That was it. No witty remarks, no secret weapon…

Anyways, after being out of the picture for a while, Hubert reappeared with the White Rabbit, another Mortworthy villain in Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #185. Man, these Morts are getting out of hand. Are you taking the very subtle hints that these are heroes and villains based on Alice in Wonderland? She was a Playboy Bunny villain, with rabbit themed gadgets, who was also defeated by Frog Man.

It is important to note however, that he was able to hit Spiderman with enough force to send him flying. This was, of course, done while Spiderman was laughing at the villain. Unable to move, because he was giggling so much.

Getting back to our central thought. Walrus was once again Persona Non Grata in Marvel. He popped up during the “Fear Itself” storyline. Deadpool gave him a seemingly innocuous hammer in an attempt to embarrass the villain. Deadpool didn’t know the hammer actually was magical and made an otherwise lame super villain an actual threat, like, Hulk-level threat. The Savage Walrus almost killed Deadpool on multiple occasions during his Hammer-fueled Mario Party. The “Moon-Born Hammer” belonged to some werewolves and got it’s power from the full moon, obviously.

Walrus was tricked into the basement of a Sheriff’s office,  away from the hammer’s power source. Deadpool made quick work of the now, severely under-powered villain. And the rest is history.
Walrus has made brief appearances since the re-emergence of Earth-616 in Marvel Comics. Most notably at a strip club, admiring an overweight dancer. (Daughters of the Dragon #4)

Why he’s a “Mort”: If all of that wasn’t enough to convince you, being good at crossword puzzles is listed as one of his “Super Powers”. Nuff’ said.

Rating: I give this villain 3 out of 10 Rainbow W’s.

Do you think The Walrus is Mort worthy? Comment below with your thoughts!

Mort of the Month – The Walrus