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Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

Solo: A Star Wars Story Review
Screen Heroes

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We travel back to a galaxy far, far, away to about a decade prior to A New Hope! That’s right, it’s time to talk Solo, Chewie, Lando, and Qi’ra, along with many other new characters from Solo: A Star Wars Story. This week, we take a look at the second Star Wars anthology film in great detail. We also discuss news including Roseanne’s cancellation, casting changes on The Walking Dead, the new Spawn film, Zack Snyder’s next flick, and of course, Shazam Gate!

What did you think of Solo: A Star Wars Story? Did it live up to the hype? We want to know!

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Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

Composer James Horner Dies In Plane Crash

James Horner, well known and award winning film composer, died yesterday while piloting an airplane that crashed in Santa Barbara, California.

James-Horner-picAlthough he started composing music in the late 1970s, James Horner is well known by fans as composing 1982’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which helped jump-start his career as well as the Star Trek franchise. Horner would later work with many famous directors, such as Ron Howard (Cocoon, Willow, Apollo 13) and James Cameron (Aliens, Titanic, Avatar). Among his many contributions to film scores are: An American Tail, Glory, The Rocketeer, Patriot Games, Jumanji, Deep Impact, The Mask of Zorro, A Beautiful Mind, along with many, many others.

James Horner won many awards, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for his work on Titanic in 1997. Horner has many projects still under way, including Southpaw and The 33.

For me personally, James Horner was among the first composers that I started listening to in middle school. His style and his works taught me much on the instrumentation of films. He will be missed and leaves behind a legacy that will be hard to follow.

Composer James Horner Dies In Plane Crash