Rick and Morty, analysis of a habituate


Rick and Morty is well into its second season. Its essential ingredients are off the shelf, found in many sci fi shows. Start by adding three parts Back to the Future. The wild eyed Doc Brown and his young sidekick Marty have no business associating, this tangy flavor will give it some kick. Next important ingredient in the mix is some good old Doctor Who. The whimsicalness, flamboyance, and adventure will be needed to tantalize the taste buds. Mix with tidbits of various other sci-fi elements and serve chilled.   Rick Morty Gif

This inebriating drink isn’t for the faint of heart. Lesser sci-fi flicks like The Purge and Inception just can’t stomach the stiff cocktail that Rick and Morty serves. Taking every opportunity to point a critical finger at them and many others are what makes the show so great. Fresh topics in sci-fi are also covered with a satirical drunken glazed eyed approach that comes off as hilarious. All while never sacrificing the improvisational approach that this show has.


Standing head and shoulders above all else in the galaxy in terms of intelligence is Rick Sanchez. This is matched only by Rick’s corrupted Rick Listens Rick Mortymorals and aloofness with everyday society’s sense of right and wrong. While common virtue would say that it’s wrong to use your family to commit crimes, such as intergalactic smuggling, Rick thinks otherwise. He not only does this without hesitation, but shows nothing but disdain when his grandson is only the slightest bit hesitant to place … certain, uncomfortable …  said smuggled items into unmentionable orifices.

Voiced by Justin Roiland, Rick is a functional drunk that is always above the rules of morality and law. Stumbling and staggering at times while at others indulging in hedonistic tendencies. Rick is only interested in one thing, Rick. All else is a means to a end. The juxtaposition between Rick’s sloppiness and his alarmingly powerful intellect is the show’s main source of comedy. Roiland serves this up frothy, with Rick mumbling and micro-burping mid sentence as he tries to convince his simple grandson, Morty, to help do things no other sober person would do. Rick abandons Morty GIFIt’s Rick’s character that is the focal point of the show. There’s just something about having the whole thing revolve around an overpowered, immoral drunk, with a devil-may-care attitude. It’s just too hard not to chuckle at; imagine Dr. Who as a reckless threat to those around him.


Rick’s grandson, and many ways, polar opposite is Morty. Also voiced by Roiland and served up just right. Where Rick is confident, Morty is shaky. If Rick is sure about breaking an outdated moralistic rule, Morty is steadfast in keeping it. Voiced as a teenager who is forever on the cusp of his voice change into that of a man’s, Morty’s screechy voice hints at so many things to the listener. Innocence, inexperience, naivety, all play into Rick’s hands. When this twisted version of Doc Brown isn’t duping the exaggerated version of Marty McFly into doing risky things, he is either taking advantage of him or just plain poking fun at him. Morty, ultimately, is the voice of the audience objecting to Rick’s unhinged ideas and is our representative in this animated intervention of sorts. And guess what, Rick ain’t buying it.Rick Morty Butter Pass Bot

Rick’s Family

Rick’s other family members serve only to slow him down or annoy him as he gives them his derision. His daughter, voiced by Sarah Chalke (Roseanne and Scrubs), is a headstrong confident woman. Beth won’t stand for you looking down on her for Bethbeing just an horse doctor; it’s just as important as a people doctor. Her only mistake in life would be her husband, Jerry Smith, voiced by Chris Parnell (SNL). The only good thing Jerry’s done in life was knocking up Beth back in high school. Jerry is uhmmm …… a bit of a failure.Jerry Rick and Morty When he isn’t busy being unemployed, he’s fowling up Rick’s schemes. Just think of the failures of a habitual drunk with out the excuse of actually being drunk. He is the clown, the buffoon, a target for Rick to drop snarky comments down at from his ivory tower. Jeff and the rest Rick’s family are great garnish that makes the whole concoction come together.

Rick and Morty’s Sci-Fi Influences

Putting these characters in outer space adventures is hilarious nod to Dr. Who. Rick gallivanting Rick Morty Replacement scene GIFaround the universe without a care in the world, his companions following him around, using extreme technology, all the while making Rick come off as cooler and smarter by comparison.  But where the good Doctor has compassion and is a good person, Rick is the opposite. Rick shows his companions nothing but contempt and points out their flaws and foibles; he is negative and tears them down. For those who love Dr. Who or space adventure shows in general, this is a excellent satire. Admittedly Whovians, at one time or another, have wanted tell one of the Doctor’s companions that they’re acting
stupid, Rick is this voice.

Rick and Morty references other sci-fi greats such as Twilight Zone in the episode “Something Ricked Comes this Way”,Snow Ball Gif one while also basing it on the 1902 literary source by W. W. Jacobs. Rick goes about debunking the notion of good and evil in the world, matching his chaotic alignment. By the end its much more modern tale, an objective science vs. superstition argument episode. At every turn Rick and Morty find ways to spin sci-fi ideas around and make them relevant.  It’s this fresh comedic approach that makes this an intoxicatingly funny show.


Satire of Pop Sci Fi

Rick Morty GIG inception

Big time motion pictures are subjects for Rick to trash as well. Modern films such as The Purge and Inception are poked fun at in Rick’s drunken stupor. The ridiculousness of the plot of Inception is given a stiff chaser by Rick as he comments:

It’s been six hours. Dreams move one… one-hundredth the speed of reality, and dog time is one-seventh human time. So y’know, every day here is like a minute. It’s like Inception, Morty, so if it’s confusing and stupid, then so is everyone’s favorite movie.  

While in the another episode, “Look who’s Purging Now, Rick reveals just how unoriginal the plot is for the film by showing it’s been done before (see Star Trek’s “Return of the Archons”). Aside from this The Purge doesn’t have much else to offer. The conclusion is that The Purge is shallow . Mumbling Rick casually mentions:

No, no, but I’ve been to a few planets with the same gimmick. Y’know, sometimes it’s called the Cleansing or the Red Time. There was this one world that called it just Murder Night. I-It’s a purge planet. They’re peaceful and then, y’know, they just purge.”

Rick is like that drunken relative that always speaks the truth but you just don’t know how he does it; this is sharp and hilarious entertainment.


Simpsons Rick Morty Resized

Rick and Morty is a welcome addition to Adult Swim and stands among the great animation shows like The Simpsons, Futurama, and Family Guy. It can be seen on Cartoon Network and on various streaming services such as Amazon and Hulu. It has some excellent characters that are voiced so perfectly that it’s hard not to enjoy. It’s a great source of satire; ripping down shallow, mainstream lesser sci-fi flicks and poking a little fun at the classics. So sit down, relax, drink a warm chaser of some Rick and Morty to go along with your other sci-fi.

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Do you watch Rick and Morty? Comment below with your thoughts on the series.

Rick and Morty, analysis of a habituate

First Look at X-Men: Apocalypse

This week, I’m breaking down quite a few of the pictures from another major 2016 film, X-Men: Apocalypse.  And, just like Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, I have mixed feelings.  I want to be clear that I have not read the accompanying article to some of these photos because I’m attempting to avoid spoilers, so all my picture breakdowns are based on the photos alone.

X-Men Apocalypse EW CoverThis is an absolutely epic photo, but unfortunately, it doesn’t tell us anything about the story. Who is on whose side? Where are the allegiances? We’ve got two new characters and one we’re very familiar with (how you doing, Mr. Fassbender?). While Apocalypse is mostly covered, it’s easy to see the extreme detail that has gone into Psylocke and Magneto’s costumes. While I’m still not sold on Olivia Munn (I haven’t watched The Newsroom yet, back off), at least she’ll be dressed well.

X-Men Apocalypse new cast

Here’s a very brief introduction of some of the new faces to the game. Sophie Turner, our new Jean Grey, Lana Condor, the incredibly accurate Jubilee, and Tye Sheridan, young Cyclops, are pretty picture perfect. The photos may not give much away about them; they definitely don’t disappoint.

X-Men Apocalypse cerebroThis one assembles an odd assortment of mutants, if you’ve been following the movies up to this point. From left to right is Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert (I guess this means her memory is back?), James McAvoy as Professor X, Lucas Till as Havok, and Nicholas Hoult as Beast all surrounding Cerebro. I have so many questions. Why are they in there?  Why are those particular mutants in there? Are Professor X and Mystique working together again?

X-Men Apocalypse Nightcrawler

Kodi Smit-McPhee is looking perfectly stoic as our favorite teleporter. We can see that he’s already started to tattoo himself in penance even as a young boy (a ritual introduced in X2: X-Men United). The blue hair streaks is a little sophomoric, so I hope the elf’s acting can overcome. Now all I wonder is exactly how Singer plans to keep him away from certain X-Men so that the events in X2 tie in properly.

X-Men Apocalypse Magneto

Look at that gloriously disheveled man. How handsome is he? I’d like to grab his cute little face and –
Oh. Yeah. Article.
Magneto once again seems to be in a difficult situation. He’s presented here looking worn and tired, possibly on the run from someone or something. In the background, a blurred figure stands. He appears to be shirtless and wearing some sort of helmet.  Is he a prisoner? Or an attacker?

X-Men Apocalypse Mystique and Quicksilver


Confusing stare down between Mystique and Quicksilver, and when I say that, I mean they look really confused to be around each other. Maybe this is one of those cheesy moments where Professor X tells them they’re working together right after they’ve had a fight and the whole audience is waiting eagerly to see ALL the shenanigans. It’s very nice to see Singer getting some use out of the Mockingjay armor. Why bother creating new costumes when other movies have done it better?

X-Men Apocalypse, Storm, and Psylocke

Here’s the moment I’ve been waiting to show. Look at all that purple. It’s like the X-Men team that Prince built. I have so many thoughts…let’s begin:
Storm – absolutely amazing.  She’s rocking the mohawk, one of the character’s most classic looks, and her costume has a mix of the punk/goddess themes she’s tried. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure that her costume has any actual purple to it. She may just be reflecting off of Ivan Ooze over there.
Psylocke – again, not entirely sure how I feel about Olivia Munn as Psylocke. Knowing her background, she’ll have complete reverence for the character and do her best in the role, but it’s also fairly difficult for me to see the woman who hosted Attack of the Show in a serious superhero role. Her costume is absolutely killer. Also, not purple! The wardrobe team has taken the classic Psylocke look and transformed it into movie worthy.
Apocalypse – what?  What is he wearing? Why is he so ridiculous? Why so much purple?  I cannot believe they looked at all the designs of Apocalypse (there’s really only one) and said, “Nah. I’ve got something better.” Well, you don’t. Cosplayers can do it; why can’t you?

X-Men Apocalypse cosplay comparison



At least there’s hope for Angel.  Check out that concept art.

X-Men Apocalypse Angel

What are your first thoughts on these early looks at X-Men: Apocalypse? Do you like what we’ve seen so far? Any complaints? Comment below!

First Look at X-Men: Apocalypse

5 Things We Can Deduct From the Star Wars VII San Diego Comic Con Reel

Despite two teasers and the newly released comic con reel, we still know very little about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Nevertheless, there are a few things we learned from the reel that should shed some light on the plot. Without further ado, here are five things we can deduct from the Star Wars comic con reel:










1. The new TIE fighters have seen better days.

Courtesy Disney Comic Con Reel

Courtesy Disney Comic Con Reel

J.J. Abrams has told us that this new planet is Jakku and that a great battle was fought on this planet. However, the smoking TIE fighters show us that someone has shot them down. Perhaps the Millennium Falcon during that chase we have seen in both teasers?

2. This is Carrie Fisher’s costume.

Courtesy Disney Comic Con Reel

Courtesy Disney Comic Con Reel

A rumor was floating around for awhile that this was indeed her costume. Like it or not, the reel has confirmed that this is what her costume will look like… even though it strangely resembles the uniforms the Rebel Troopers wore in A New Hope.

Rebel Troopers from Star Wars: A New Hope.

Rebel Troopers from Star Wars: A New Hope.

3. Kylo Ren definitely comes to Jakku.

Courtesy Disney Comic Con Reel

Courtesy Disney Comic Con Reel

You can see here that Kyle Ren is walking down onto a desert landscape. Since Abrams has told us that it is not Tatooine, we can assume that it must be Jakku. Maybe we’ll see some lightsaber fights on the planet?

4. Rey flies the Millennium Falcon solo.

Rey falcon

Both pictures courtesy Disney Comic Con Reel

You can very clearly see the entrance to the cockpit of the Falcon in this shot. Both pictures courtesy Disney Comic Con Reel

This shot shows what is clearly the Falcon’s cockpit and that Rey (Daisy Ridley) is flying it. So why is she flying it alone? One of my theories is that Rey is in fact the daughter of Han and Leia. For some reason, she steals the Falcon and takes it to Jakku. Mind you, that is only a theory. All we know for sure is that she flies it with no one else in the cockpit.

5. Han will fly the Millennium Falcon with Rey and Finn.

Courtesy Disney Comic Con Reel

Courtesy Disney Comic Con Reel

Piggybacking off of the fact that Rey flies the Falcon solo, it would seem that Solo himself joins her and that she is co-piloting. Going off of my previous theory, is Han reclaiming his property? At the end of the second teaser, he does say, “Chewie, we’re home.” This implies that they had been separated from the Falcon for some time. Maybe Rey doesn’t even steal the Falcon. Maybe Han gives it to her while he goes into temporary retirement. No matter the reason, we shall find out when the movie hits theaters this December.

5 Things We Can Deduct From the Star Wars VII San Diego Comic Con Reel

Terminator Genisys Review Discussion

Well, Arnold said he’d be back, and he kept his word… But was it worth it? Timothy Jackson and I discuss the latest installment in the Terminator franchise. Obviously there will be some spoilers below.

Terminator: Genysis Sarah Conner & Arnold

Timothy: So… Initial thoughts. What was your overall feel of the movie?

Zach: It was definitely a Terminator film though it failed to top the first two movies. There were some fun moments, but it was a bit busy and lacked clear direction. What did you think?

T: This one felt like a Terminator movie… However, it was jumpy. It lacked focus and seemed like a rehash of Terminator 2 and Terminator 3. Let’s stop Skynet from being created! Like we haven’t seen that one before.

Z: Yeah, it tried to do what other franchises have done in recent years by acknowledging its history while charting a new course. Jurassic World, for example did a better job of this. Terminator managed to take its own fairly complex time travel mythos and muddy it further.

T: I was fairly confused midway through the film because of all the time travel elements of alternate timelines and such. I eventually figured it out, but I doubt all movie going audiences will be able to sort it out. Here’s a question, did we really need a revisiting of the 1980s Terminator movie?

Z: Not only did it re-tread on itself, but it re-explores territory of science-fiction without saying anything new or relevant. I think the biggest issue I had was the fact that I struggled to care about any of the characters or the outcome of the film. And this is supposed to be the start of a new trilogy?

T: Agreed. I was not worried during any of the perils our characters had to face. That’s an unfortunate problem if you don’t care about them when they could die… Maybe it’s because I knew they wouldn’t kill them. As for a new trilogy, I think that the next film could be better if they take more risks and don’t rehash. In other words, Judgement Day needs to happen. Our world needs to fall. That will be the only thing that will keep my interest.

Z: Agreed. Perhaps the apocalypse will look much different than what we’ve seen in previous installments. Reese is still alive, maybe he and Sarah get pregnant, but this time it’s a girl? Or maybe they don’t have kids. Maybe the second film is just Sarah and Reese out on a date talking about how happy they are to not have the extra responsibility. Terminator John shows up and whines about the fact that his parents refuse to create him. His limbs will start fading away like Marty McFly’s did in the first Back to the Future film and then when he disappears John and Sarah have a good laugh. Then Terminator “Pops” forces an awkward smile before getting really serious and saying “No, seriously… don’t have kids.”

Terminator: Genysis Arnold SmilingT: Hmmmm… A girl. Joanne Connor, perhaps? But wait, Kyle Reese is still alive. Wouldn’t it end up being Joanne Reese? Or maybe Sarah Connor wants to express her independence and make her kid have her last name. Overall, how would you rate this film? Is it worth watching?

Z: I’d give this film one awkward Arnold thumb’s up (complete with cheesy grin). Worth seeing, despite being largely forgettable. It was an enjoyable ride for a holiday weekend. What do you think?

T: I’d say two and a half teaser trailer spoilers out of five. Like you said, it’s worth a watch but it’s just passable. I expect more from my cinema experiences.

What did you think of Terminator? A worthy installment in the franchise or a forgettable mess? Let us know in the comments!

Terminator Genisys Review Discussion