Collecting and Star Wars

Collecting and Star Wars
Echo Station

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Welcome back to an all new episode. Today Ian and Kris talk how they started collecting Star Wars merchandise! They talk everything from collecting figures, to dolls, ships, 90’s figures, statues, their most prized possession, and so much more! They also talk some breaking Star Wars news that has happened over the past week. So grab your favorite Star Wars collectables and lets dive in!

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Costume Couture: Top 10 Star Wars Side Character Looks

SirynRae and Haus of Turner Cosplay head to a galaxy far, far away with their picks for the Top 10 Star Wars Side Character Looks! These looks include non-lead live action characters. This means the original trilogy, the prequels, Rogue One, and the new trilogy films. While some of these characters get expanded on in the cartoons, we’ll only be looking at their live action form this week.

Hosted by
Rae of SirynRae Cosplay
Ian of Haus of Turner Cosplay

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Costume Couture: Top 10 Star Wars Side Character Looks