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The Clone Wars: The Bad Batch Wrap-up

The Clone Wars: The Bad Batch Wrap-up
Echo Station

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The Bad Batch story arc has wrapped up and Kris and Ian are here to talk all about it! They also talk about some hot goss concerning a live action Ahsoka Tano appearance in season two of The Mandalorian.

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SH S4E06: Top 20 Jedi

May the Force be with you and us as we sit down to rank the Top 20 Jedi! Our list includes Jedi Knights and some who you might not expect. We talk Disney canon plus the Extended Universe, so tons of characters are up for grabs!

Plus, we’ve got a special guest Barry Poole from Kansas City Comic Con to talk a bit about the upcoming convention this November.

So sit back, enjoy our list and then let us know what you would have done differently!

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SH S4E06: Top 20 Jedi