Grid Talk: 03 – Collectibles and Subscription Boxes

Grid Talk: 03 – Collectibles and Subscription Boxes
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This week, Grid Talk is all about collecting, collectibles, and subscription boxes. We break down what we love to collect. Then, we take a walk down memory lane to discuss what got us started down the collectibles path. After that, we break down the recent surge in subscription box offerings including a dive into LootCrate as well as Funko’s growing line of offerings thanks to the Marvel Collector Corps, upcoming Star Wars themed Smuggler’s Bounty subscription, and the announced but unnamed DC Comics box. With nerd culture becoming so mainstream and major franchises like Marvel, DC, and Star Wars seeing insane amounts of money and success, collectibles are becoming higher quality, harder to come by, and more varied.

What do you like to collect? Do you collect action figures? Comic books? What are your thoughts on subscription boxes? Have you tried any of the non-collectibles services that provide food, clothing, or pet items? Comment below!

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Derreck Mayer
Timothy Jackson
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Grid Talk: 03 – Collectibles and Subscription Boxes