GH47: Nintendo Labo & Mario Cartoons

GH47: Nintendo Labo & Mario Cartoons
Gamer Heroes

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We were finally able to get our hands on a box of the Super Mario Cereal, so it was the perfect time to team-up with the Saturday Morning Tooncast! First, we talk about the Nintendo Labo announcement and what it could mean for the Nintendo Switch. Then, we switch formats with our guest Jeremy to watch the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! cartoon from 1989! We also check out the Super Mario Cereal, including the precious prize Amiibo. It was a fun episode, so we hope you enjoy!

08:00 – Nintendo Labo

21:55 – Super Mario Bros. Super Show Episode 46 “Plumber Academy”

42:40 – Super Mario Bros. Super Show Episode 48 “Flatbush Koopa”

63:00 – Super Mario Cereal

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GH47: Nintendo Labo & Mario Cartoons

SH S2E1: “Would you Watch it?” Super Mario Bros.

Welcome to Season 2 of the Screen Heroes podcast! Our first episode of the season is another fan cast. This time, Rae, Ryan, and I sit down to cast our own versions of Super Mario Bros. films. We’ve done fan casting before but for those who haven’t heard, we each pick our own style, tone, plot, cast, and director for the movie. We then go around discussing our individual visions and react accordingly. If you’re interested in other fan castings, check out Episode 07: “Would you Watch it?” Ghostbusters and Episode 18: “Would you Watch it?” Justice League Dark.

We also touch on the recently release Batman v Superman Ultimate Cut which hit Digital HD yesterday, the new CBS\Paramount Star Trek fan film guidelines, and we express our sincere regrets on the passing of Anton Yelchin.

Finally, we announce our newest Twitter account @GridDnD where we post about Dungeons and Dragons, specifically when we play. Your Screen Heroes hosts are in the middle of a campaign with two other Grid Daily contributors, so follow us and enjoy the memes in the meantime.

Don’t forget to check out our revamped Patreon at Patreon.com\griddaily. We’ve updated the perk levels which now include the new official Screen Heroes t-shirt and more! Keep an eye out for a video next week!

“Would you Watch it?” Super Mario Bros. Podcast Credits

Derreck Mayer
Rachel Stewart
Ryan Couture

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Derreck Mayer

Derreck Mayer

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SH S2E1: “Would you Watch it?” Super Mario Bros.