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Challenge Mode #3: Perceptions of Gaming

Challenge Mode #3: Perceptions of Gaming
Gamer Heroes

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Welcome to episode three of Challenge Mode!  It’s the show where we revisit video games, the culture surrounding them, and the people who play and make them!

This week we talk about gaming culturally and what different groups of people think about gaming! New episodes of Challenge Mode will go up every two weeks right here in the Gamer Heroes podcast feed, so keep it here for more Challenge Mode!  Enjoy, friends!

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Ultimate Star Trek Crew at Planet Comicon

We’ve got a special episode for you this week as Derreck & Greg are LIVE from Planet Comicon! Check out this live panel as our hosts build the Ultimate Star Trek Crew with the Planet Comicon audience! We cover characters from all 6 live action TV series (TOS, TNG, DS9, VGR, ENT, DSC).

We’ll be back next week with a Disco Double Feature to review Discovery Episode 11 “Perpetual Infinity” & Episode 12 “Through the Valley of Shadows”!

What did you think of our Ultimate crew? Did the Planet Comicon audience do a solid job? Who would you put on your crew?

Comment below or hit us up @RedshirtsPod on Twitter!

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Ultimate Star Trek Crew at Planet Comicon

Planet Comicon 2019 Panel Schedule

Hello nerds, geeks, and the like! It’s time for Kansas City’s largest comic convention, Planet Comicon!

On the 20th anniversary of the convention, our network is putting on 4 panels this weekend, one for each of our podcast series.

Catch the schedule below and be sure to join us to meet the hosts and talk nerdy topics with us!

There might even be a give away or two over the course of the weekend.

Details here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/heroespodcasts/events/

HPN Planet Comicon 2019 Panel Schedule

Planet Comicon 2019 Panel Schedule

Costume Couture: Tips and Tricks 1 – Cosplay and Conventions

Cosplaying isn’t for the faint of heart. Cosplaying at conventions is especially tough. You have so much to worry about. What am I gonna bring? What gets left behind? What if my costume breaks? What if my makeup smudges?

Never fear; Rae and Ian are back for the first in a long line of Tips and Tricks segment, this one focusing on how to navigate conventions while in cosplay. This episode covers everything from proper hygiene to etiquette. Never attend a convention unprepared again.  And this isn’t just for beginners. There are helpful tidbits in here for even the most seasoned convention goers.

Be sure to comment some helpful tips that get through a convention. We’d love to hear from you.

Costume Couture: Tips and Tricks 1 – Cosplay and Conventions

John Barrowman: Showman of Planet Comicon

Celebrities have been an undeniable draw for conventions for years, but none compare to John Barrowman. The Arrow star has a penchant for hosting his own panels (usually the convention will provide a moderator of some kind), his autograph lines overflow with eager fans, and the man actually participates in the convention (instead of sitting behind his table the entire time.) He’s a man that knows his fans hold more of his career in their hands than he does. And he loves every damn minute of it.

He didn’t just walk out onto the stage, the man entered with a fire under him. He jumped and danced and twirled and ran, careful to show that every single fan in the audience could see what he was wearing: a TARDIS skater dress and TARDIS tights. He assured us his TARDIS was bigger on the inside…then showed one lucky lady.  While most celebrities just ignore the sign language interpreter, John Barrowman celebrates him, intentionally making fart noises and repeating the phrase “hung like a donkey” just so he can watch the man sign it. That’s something the cameras should have panned to, because I wanted to see it too.

John Barrowman - Intro

His anecdotes didn’t fall under the celebrity panel norms, he had some brutal truths to lay down on the fans. He explained that in between shooting he lets his natural hair grow back in and the dye fade out, daring asshole fans to tell him he looks old.  He never tells fans his favorite anything because he has learned the hard way that his fans never let him forget it. So does he prefer his Captain Jack Harkness or his Malcolm Merlyn? We’ll never know.

While the entire panel was entertaining, the absolute best parts was hearing him discuss his acting methods.  There was an obvious difference between Captain Jack on Doctor Who and Captain Jack on Torchwood to the fans, so what was the motivation behind that choice? Barrowman knew that Captain Jack was the team leader in Torchwood, so while he was appearing on Doctor Who, he could forget about the world being on his shoulders and play up the character’s cheekiness instead.  He also expressed just how ridiculous he thought actors sound when they discuss their own acting methods, letting us know that he reacts as naturally as possible, which is why all of his characters have just a little bit of himself in them.

Fans were also surprisingly with it, asking him questions about his Scottish background, Strictly Come Dancing, and his recent work in British pantos.  He got to reveal a few juicy tidbits like his sister, Carole, and his own shared book series releasing a continuation soon of the Hollow Earth series and his confirmed death in the musical episode of The Flash meaning he’s no longer involved with The CW shows beginning next season, much to the audience’s dislike. Those questions did exist though; you know the ones I’m talking about.  The “do you think you’ll ever do this again?” kind of question.  And Barrowman laid it out there as brutally honest as he could: If fans want to see a character again, THEY HAVE TO TELL THE SHOWRUNNERS. He encouraged fans to tweet that they want Captain Jack and 12 to interact and that killing off Merlyn in an episode of The Flash when he wasn’t even playing Merlyn was a load of crap.  He loves doing the work, but he can’t also do the campaigning.

About halfway through the panel, and right in the middle of a fascinating story about a fan giving John Barrowman a dildo, the pipes and draping came tumbling down like dominoes in slow motion. What could have been a disaster for many other panels was nothing for John. He’s a seasoned actor who has come across so many disasters in his career, he knew exactly how to handle this. First he insisted that every Planet Comicon volunteer get out of the way and stay out of the way, assuring them it was above all their pay grades. The truth is, it had nothing to do with the convention itself, but the contractors that the location, Kansas City’s Bartle Hall, had used.  One man, the original sign language interpreter, was confirmed to had injured his hand (of all things he could injure) and while Barrowman seemed to have narrowly escaping injury himself, rumor among con attendees on Sunday was that he was in some pain (no confirmation whether or not it was from the accident or another cause is unknown at this time).  Without hesitation, Barrowman hopped off stage and continued the panel, and the dildo story.  This did, however, cause the postponing of Summer Glau’s panel.

John Barrowman - Stage Down

John Barrowman was an absolute joy to have at the convention and I, personally, encourage his return to Kansas City in the future. We’ll lure him here with devoted fans and barbecue.

John Barrowman: Showman of Planet Comicon

SH S3E15: Planet Comicon Wrap-Up

Planet Comicon is over so it’s time for a post-con wrap-up! But first, we dive into some news like the one night only Logan Noir showing in black and white, the return of Young Justice, the live action Titans show, Wonder Woman’s marketing, plus some possible Justice League spoilers thanks to LEGO.

We talk Planet Comicon guests like John Barrowman, Felicia Day, and Jessica Nigri. We also dive into the event itself, how Kansas City held up, the Bartle Hall convention center, and overall thoughts on the comicon. This includes details on panels, opening ceremonies, convention floor layout, food options, cosplay, and more!

Head over to our Facebook page to keep up with our latest and check out our Planet Comicon cosplay gallery! Then stay tuned for cosplay interviews with Costume Couture including guests Jennifer Van Damsel, Oh My Sophii, and DoodleSpork Cosplay!

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SH S3E15: Planet Comicon Wrap-Up

Prodigy – A Film from KC

Prodigy (2016) by Kansas City native Alex Haughey is a science-fiction drama. It stars Richard Neil and Savannah Liles, in her debut starring role. It has been billed as a blend of “personal drama and psychological thriller.” Young Ellie (Liles), who is blessed with a razor-sharp intellect, is pitted against non-traditional psychologist Dr. Fonda (Neil). As the two conduct mental combat, the truths and lies are revealed. While the movie makes an enthusiastic attempt at this genre-bending approach, it does fall short on some of its goals.

The film has been shown at some film festivals already including Cinequest and Sedona.

Some spoilers for Prodigy follow after the break.

Prodigy Chess

The story is interesting: Ellie is held captive in a highly-secure shadow government facility. Accused of a crime, it falls upon Dr. Fonda to reason with her and discover the depths of her involvement with a murder. Time is running out: the government wants to euthanize Ellie and learn what gives her the astounding abilities she displays. Dr. Fonda has to work with his former colleague Olivia (Jolene Andersen) to unlock Ellie’s mysteries. In the stunning conclusion, many truths are revealed.

All in all, the film attempts to have a conversation about guilt and responsibility. Through much of the exposition, the characters expound greatly on personal choice, protection, and control. While it is a battle of the wits from the onset, it’s fairly clear that Ellie’s cold, calculating logic is outmatched by the more experienced, nuanced, and feeling Dr. Fonda. There is lesson here that only through understanding and acceptance of powerlessness can brute strength be overcome. It’s an interesting commentary on many social topics facing the world today.

Prodigy at the table

However, there are some technical aspects with which I take issue. For one, the script. While the actors deliver good performances – and they seem to strengthen as it moved along – often times, they seemed to be locked into a very specific dialog. This “tell and not show” approach is a common hallmark of first-time filmmakers. In a way, it assumes that the viewer isn’t in on what’s going on so everything needs to be explained. But, it’s a little too much. Ellie’s lines were almost too sculpted; Liles’ performance was almost melodramatic. Perhaps a stylistic choice; however, it failed to engender any real empathy for her as a character. I found myself on numerous occasions asking “why do I care about this girl?” I found Dr. Fonda’s troubles far more interesting.

In the end, this was very solid attempt at starting a conversation about responsibility and grief. It had great sound, good editing, and (although a bit campy) serviceable performances.

I’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

You can find more information on Prodigy on the film’s website here. The site includes information about the film, cast, a trailer, screening information, and a gallery of stills and behind the scenes photos.

Prodigy – A Film from KC

Location Shoot 1 – 32nd and Roanoke

Hey Kids!

This is Ultra here with the first installation of a my contribution to The Grid Daily, I like to call “Location Shoot”.  The idea behind this post is to give cosplayers and costumers ideas on different places around Kansas City and the surrounding areas, as a fun safe place to take costume pictures.  Since I happen to do a lot of driving around Kansas City and I always happen to see locations that I think would be great backgrounds, I wanted to show off some of the creativity that we have in the Kansas City cosplay community.  So I decided to document them for you.

Our first location is most likely private industrial property.  Before I get started, I would like to say that I always advise that you be as safe as possible when venturing on what might be considered private property.  I wouldn’t advise going to this particular spot during weekday business hours.  I also suggest avoiding any place where you see signs where “No Trespassing” or “Private Property”, is posted.

As a general rule, “If in doubt, try to contact the owner to get permission.”

I have taken several different pictures, from different angles.  I hope this gives you a good idea for planning a shoot here.  If it is warm out, there may be bugs or snakes in the rocks so be careful to keep an eye out for nature.  This is sort of their home too.  Its also on a small hill, so please be careful there too.



There are a few places to park below the spot and across the street.  I look forward to doing a shoot here myself, using the walls as sort of a castle backdrop or the small woods for a ninja attack.  Im sure you can use your imagination.

More to come.

Location Shoot 1 – 32nd and Roanoke