Costume Couture: Cosplay and LGBT+

Ian and Rae present the first live episode of Costume Couture from Kansas City Comic Con.  With us was Lili Jonae and Luna Flare of Kansas City cosplay notoriety. Cosplay has the funny habit of seeping into our every day lives and becoming a part of our identity. Often it can cross the streams and bring out a comforting chance to express ourselves. We talk about how being members of the LGBT community and the cosplay community intertwine with each and how when you’re so passionate about something, it connects to everything.

Hosted by
Rae of SirynRae Cosplay
Ian of Haus of Turner Cosplay

Special Guests
Luna Flare
Lili Jonae

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Costume Couture: Cosplay and LGBT+

Costume Couture: X-Men Trilogy

Costume Couture continues with a look at the entire original X-Men trilogy including Wolverine, Professor X, Mystique, Rogue, Storm, Nightcrawler, and even some more obscure characters. We talk about the black leather look compared to the original yellow and blue spandex, which characters it worked for and which ones it clearly did not. We also discuss some of our thoughts on the movies as a whole, did they do a good job in portraying their comic book characters? You’ll have to watch to find out!

In addition to talk costumes and designs, we also welcome our next Cosplayer of the Week, Jason Kiss (AKA The Snarky Gay Guy)! He’s known for his DC Comics’ Nightwing and genderbent Poison Ivy.

Check out our second episode below and comment with your thoughts!

Costume Couture is hosted by Rae of Super Sirens Cosplay and Ian of Haus of Turner Cosplay.

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Stay tuned for a new episode every week! Costume Couture will be analyzing all kinds of costumes and styles from Princess movies, sci-fi, fantasy, TV, and more! Plus, we’ll have even more cosplayers and prop builders featured!

Costume Couture: X-Men Trilogy