Costume Couture: Beauty and the Beast

Costume Couture premieres with an in-depth look at the costumes and styles in Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast that hit theaters last month.

In addition to talk costumes and designs, we also welcome our first Cosplayer of the Week, Shayna in Neverland! She’s known for her Alice in Wonderland Steampunk cosplay and her Lara Croft from the latest Tomb Raider video games.

Check out our first episode below and comment with your thoughts!

Costume Couture is hosted by Rae of Super Sirens Cosplay and Ian of Haus of Turner Cosplay.

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Stay tuned for a new episode every week! Costume Couture will be analyzing all kinds of costumes and styles from Princess movies, sci-fi, fantasy, TV, and more! Plus, we’ll have even more cosplayers and prop builders featured!

Costume Couture: Beauty and the Beast

A Memoriam for Paris

Today, we wake up realizing that the world is not the same again. Americans remember that feeling well from 14 years ago. We remember the fear and loss that the French now face. We also remember the comfort we took when our allies, including the French, stood with us as I hope the French now take comfort in knowing that America stands with them. As I look on this event and my role on this website, I can only take solace in knowing that our freedom, the freedom to create, to build, to exemplify the imaginative spirit that allows us geeks to love what we love, will continue. The attacks on Paris were done by those seeking to remove that freedom and replace it with terror for an ideology that does not value creativity and imagination but only seeks subjugation and death. To them I say, resistance is not futile. America resisted as will the French and as will the rest of the free world.

Today, we extend our most utter sympathies to the city of Paris. We also resist that terror that the perpetrators tried in vain to make us feel. We remember that we are free to imagine, to create, and to love all that we do.

And in true geek fashion, I say to Paris: Live long and prosper.



A Memoriam for Paris