Costume Couture: Her Universe

Costume Couture is back with a Planet Comic Con wrap-up! Then, it’s a discussion on Her Universe, a nerd\geek-centric clothing line for people of all shapes, sizes, and genders. Her Universe was started by Ashley Eckstein and includes licenses for Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Doctor Who, and more!

You can find Her Universe here:

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Costume Couture: Her Universe

Doodlespork Cosplay & Children’s Mercy with Big Slick

We’ve talked about cosplay before at The Grid Daily but usually in the context of conventions or movie premieres. While those are fun and enjoyable experiences, cosplayers also have the ability to do great things for the community, especially on a local level. That’s what we have with DoodleSpork, also known as Sloane Withers-Marney. She is working with Big Slick Celebrity weekend and Children’s Mercy to help fund raise. The fundraiser is specifically for the Children’s Mercy Hospital Foundation. In fact, the foundation has raised over $50,000 on crowdrise so far.

The Big Slick Celebrity Weekend is coming back to Kansas City for the 7th year in a row and is looking to continue its charitable tradition by working directly with local high school kids for an event called Red, White & Bowl Celebrity Bowling Tournament. The celebrities include Paul Rudd, Eric Stonestreet, Rob Riggle, and Jason Sudeikis!

DoodleSpork is one of the high schoolers involved in the fundraiser and is looking to make a splash in her first year participating in the charity event. You can find out all the details on her fundraiser page here: Sloane Withers-Marney’s Fundraiser

This is also just one of her charities she works with so be sure to check out her public Facebook page here: DoodleSpork Cosplay

DoodleSpork Cosplay - Super Snow White

Anyway, the Big Slick Children’s Mercy fundraiser ends late this week, so let’s do our best to help Sloane to her goal of $2,500 for the Children’s Mercy Hospital Foundation.

Doodlespork Cosplay & Children’s Mercy with Big Slick