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Our DCEU – The Batman
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Our DCEU continues with The Batman, our own vision for a Batman film that takes place within the Screen Heroes DCEU timeline. Remember, we’ve pitched and rewritten several films in the Our DCEU series so far. Go here for the full playlist: http://heroespodcasts.com/our-dceu-playlist

We also talk news including Aquaman 2 and The Trench, Batman casting news, and Liam Neeson, among other things.

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Our DCEU – The Batman

Costume Couture: DC Bombshells

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the fabulous DC Bombshells by Ant Lucia in the last 6 years.  What started as a couple pin up pictures has grown into an entire franchise of its own. Statues, calendars, playing cards, and more; this series can be found everywhere.  Even better, it’s been embraced by cosplayers, creating unique outlets for Ant Lucia’s work. Which ones are your favorites? Have you cosplayed a Bombshell before?

Wanna know our favorites? Check out this week’s Costume Couture!

Hosted by

Rae of SirynRae Cosplay
Ian of Haus of Turner Cosplay

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Costume Couture: DC Bombshells

Versus #1 – Marvel v DC

Rae pits Derreck and Ryan against each other in our first Versus battle, each having to defend their respective DC or Marvel superhero.

Transcribed from 3/16/16 episode of Screen Heroes: Episode 13 “VS. #1 Marvel v. DC”


  1. Each will represent either DC or Marvel. Derreck is defending DC. Ryan is defending Marvel.
  2. You can use any version of the character that exists in canon.
  3. One switch is allowed where Derreck can defend the Marvel character and Ryan can defend DC.
  4. Maximum of 7 minutes total for each fight.
  5. 1 point is awarded for winning the match, 1 point awarded for audience popularity.

Fight 1: Captain America versus Batman

Ryan: Captain America has super strength, shield, and gun (may not even need the gun against Batman). In the comics, he’s been able to throw a motorcycle. Both characters are tactically mindful, but Captain America is a stronger power. Yes, Batman has a lot of toys, but Captain America doesn’t need a lot of toys. In Civil War, he punched a hole in Iron Man’s chest.

Derreck: Batman has a large amount of accessories which help him with every fight.  It wouldn’t be a slug fest. He’d have different suits of armor, his utility belt, and multiple weapons. So Batman is going to come at him from multiple angles and in stealth mode. Fights don’t always come down to strength. Batman is an elite martial artist and can out fight so many people. Captain America is a military brawler; Batman is a ghost.

Rae: Captain America wins! 1 point to Ryan for winning the argument, 1 point to Ryan for convincing the audience.

Derreck: 0      Ryan: 2

Fight 2: Wonder Woman versus Captain Marvel

Derreck: Wonder Woman is a warrior princess, trained from birth to be a warrior with multiple weapons and hand-to-hand combat.  She has the ability to fly in some versions.  With the shield, and the bracelets, she can easily block any projectile from Captain Marvel. Wonder Woman can keep up with Superman and even defeated him before. She is a warrior and her whole society is built on protecting their land.

Ryan: Captain Marvel has similar powers to Wonder Woman. She has flight and super strength. Wonder Woman has an advantage with the shield and sword. She has a much cooler outfit.  Captain Marvel is almost the Superman of the Marvel universe, because of her endurance and speed. She also has energy beams that are projected. She was Binary, which was a known planet buster, she can control gravity.

Rae: Derreck concedes to the blowing up a planet argument. 1 point to Ryan for winning the argument, 1 point to Ryan for convincing audience.

Derreck: 0      Ryan: 4

Fight 3: Daredevil versus Robin

Ryan: There are some versions of Daredevil where he does have super human strength. His senses are incredibly heightened. Daredevil can dodge bullets, which Jason Todd cannot. He can take a lot of punishment, and with his armor, it’s even more.  Daredevil’s senses are heightened and he is trained by ninjas.

Derreck: Red Hood, used to be a Robin, which means he was taught by Batman, so he knows all the same martial arts that Batman does. He’s been in the Lazarus pit, and that has been known to cause a blood lust in people. He could always set traps. Most of the Batman characters tend to have prep time. Jason Todd also uses weapons, like guns, unlike Daredevil who is not impervious to bullets. All he does is beat the crap out of people for living, so he does that all day long, unlike Daredevil.

Rae: After lethal force is used, Red Hood would win. 1 point to Derreck for winning the argument, 1 point to Ryan for convincing audience.

Derreck: 1      Ryan: 5

Fight 4: Martian Manhunter versus Vision

Ryan: Vision has the ability to change his density which we’ve seen him use in Age of Ultron. He can also phase, demonstrated by how he killed Ultron in the MCU. His vibranium body can withstand quite a bit of destruction. Vision is an incarnation of JARVIS, at least in the MCU, so there could be instant calculations and predictions of what Martian Manhunter will do.

Derreck: Martian Manhunter has an incredible amount of powers. He can shape shift, which he often uses it to change into a dragon. He can telepathically connect to others. He can phase through objects. He’s much more powerful than Vision. He could easily phase through and rip out the gem in Vision’s forehead. Vision does have a body and has to conform to physics. J’onn is very powerful being that could destroy someone powered by a stone.

Rae: Ryan concedes. Moderator point and audience point goes to Derreck.

Derreck: 3      Ryan: 5

Fight 5: Thor versus Superman

Ryan: Superman’s biggest weakness is magic, and Thor’s powers are based in magic. He can wield lightning, similar to Shazam. His durability is similar to Superman’s. He’s also been a planet buster before. But Thor’s magic really tips the battle to him. He was able to end Ragnarok with one blast and defeat reality warping characters.  Rune King Thor doesn’t need his hammer and can defeat Superman that way.

Derreck: Thor’s powers come from the hammer, so if Superman is able to get that hammer out of his hand, not lift it, would just make Thor a normal strong person. To go back to the planet buster theory, Superman could go back in time before the battle even began to a time when Thor isn’t holding the hammer and defeat him by surprise. He’s been able to take on Doomsday, Darkseid, and Brainiac by himself. Thor also has never been known to able to live in space, so Superman could easily take the fight there and win.

Rae: Moderator point to Derreck, audience point to Ryan

Derreck: 4      Ryan: 6

Fight 6: Green Arrow versus Hawkeye

Ryan: The two are very evenly matched. Clint has military training, from SHIELD, as a tactician, which helps give him an edge. Clint has also acted as a mercenary. He’s a more logical thinker under duress.

Derreck: Green Arrow has the same type of training that Batman has, so he’s a skilled fighter in hand-to-hand. He’s an expert marksman in multiple weapons, arrows, knives, and guns, even if he doesn’t like to use them. Hawkeye hasn’t proven that he has any hand to hand combat training.

Rae: Since this was an audience suggestion, one point is awarded to Derreck. No moderator point at this time.

Derreck: 5     Ryan: 6

Fight 7: Zatanna versus Scarlet Witch

Ryan: Scarlet Witch is a reality warper. She could easily blink Zatanna out of existence if she wanted. She has been able to teleport people from planet to planet, so she could take care of Zatanna that way.

Derreck: Zatanna has mental powers. All she has to do is think things, and they happen. Because she is magical, her powers are not just within her, but around her.

Rae: Ryan concedes, one point to Derreck from moderator. Winner of the audience point is Ryan.

Derreck: 6     Ryan: 7

Fight 8: Doctor Fate versus Doctor Strange

Ryan: Doctor Strange isn’t centuries old, but he’s inconsistently one of the most powerful people in the Marvel universe. He’s taken blasts from characters that destroy planets. Doctor Strange has been able to absorb blasts from the Living Tribunal. The Eye of Agamotto can rip holes through eternity. Doctor Strange is still the Sorcerer Supreme, and still has powers without the Eye.  There are gods and then people above gods, and then these guys.

Derreck: Doctor Fate is similar to Zatanna in the way that he is a magic based character in Justice League Dark. His powers are in his helmet. He’s been able to travel from dimension to dimension. He can fly, bend reality, travel through time, mind wipe people, and one version of him he’s grown so powerful, he no longer needed a host body so the helmet just created a body. That version can survive everything because the helmet cannot be destroyed. If Doctor Fate removes Doctor Strange’s amulet, he’s much less powerful. Doctor Fate doesn’t have to worry about any human disadvantages, like mortality.

Rae: Ryan concedes to Doctor Fate’s indestructibility. Derreck wins the moderator point.

Derreck: 7     Ryan: 7

To listen to this episode, click here.

What do you think of the match-ups? Do you agree or disagree with the outcomes? Comment below!

Versus #1 – Marvel v DC

We’re Being Bad Fans

I feel something needs to be said. This past year has been incredibly cool when it comes to films. We’ve seen our favorite heroes go toe-to-toe, fist-to-fist in epic battles we only dreamed of as children. We’ve seen beloved franchises reinvented to reflect different audiences. We’ve seen the limits of CGI technology pushed with video game adaptions. We’ve seen C-list characters pulled to the forefront for our viewing pleasure. And yet, they each seem to get trash talked and panned before the opening weekend is even over. It’s time we’re called out: we are bad fans.

If you haven’t caught my drift I’m specifically speaking of the insanity that is the DC backlash (and subsequently the Ghostbusters hate and Warcraft ire.) And it is insanity. Don’t believe me? Here are some excerpts from reviews found online. You tell me if they’ve gone too far.

Harley Quinn’s character is the strongest proof that this movie, for all its rebellious posturing, is nothing but business as usual. Full review
A. O. Scott·The New York Times
On paper, this could have been the antidote to an increasingly codified strain of comic-book movies, but in the end, it’s just another high-attitude version of the same. Full review
Peter Debruge·Variety
As storytelling, Suicide Squad is the worst of the worst, but it’s no different in kind from the best of the best. This is all just high-priced junk.Full review
David Edelstein·Vulture
How, you might ask, is it possible to so thoroughly suck the joy out of a story that features a guy who can shoot flames out of his hands (Jay Hernandez, as Diablo)? Full review
Michael O’Sullivan·Washington Post

Giant. Eye roll. Seriously, my eyes can’t roll hard enough. What do I mean by this? We’re spoiled by great films, and so now, we expect EVERY film to produce greatness. Instead we should be focused on having fun and enjoying finally seeing our childhoods come to life. Now if I sound a little angry, it’s because I am. It’s disheartening to see what you love just completely berated over and over until everyone is in this cesspool of bitterness and elitism.  That’s not how I want my movies anymore.


How can we better ourselves?

Well, I have a few ideas…

Remember where we come from 

Movies of the 80’s and 90’s ranged from glorious cinematic works (remember Ghostbusters?) and cheesy balls of crap (remember Ghostbusters 2?).  Big movie hits were immediately transformed into exploited franchises with board games, cereal, action figures, cartoons, drinks, etc. But we didn’t care! We loved having more and more content! It was a franchise utopia!

The late 90’s and early 2000’s kind of did away with that. There weren’t as many franchises and there definitely wasn’t the same amount of merchandising as before. It was a dark time (but produced some of the best thrillers and indie flicks.) Now we’re all old and cynical and we have forgotten where we’ve come from. Mufasa would be disappointed in all of us.  An invigoration into our childhood loves have been started. New adaptations of obscurities we’ve long loved are finally seeing the light.  Why wouldn’t you give it a chance? Why wouldn’t you embrace it? This, right now, is what we loved as kids. They weren’t anymore genuine or righteous as they are now. Companies created these franchise empires to make money off of our never-ending desires to obtain more stuff. That’s what they’re doing now, so we might as well enjoy it with the same amount of love as before.

Open your minds the way you did when you were 8. The world will seem a little brighter that way.Suicide-Squad-movie-poster-3-e1469110045944

Everyone IS NOT a critic

We are also not filmmakers, editors, directors, screen writers, actors, or what have you. This is something we should all keep in mind and is an overall good rule for life. You have your opinions, and they’re unique. Often times, there is a huge chance that your experiences can enrich someone’s life. That no longer remains true when you disparage someone or something.  When your only critique is an insult, that’s not a critique. It’s just as easy to say, “hey, this wasn’t for me. I didn’t enjoy it because of XYZ.” None of that is tearing down or preventing others from making their own judgments.

To be a little more blunt, there’s also a good chance that when you review a game, movie, album, your opinion isn’t going to matter unless you’re being paid for it (see above.) I didn’t pull the random hate quotes off Twitter or Facebook, because those aren’t published reviews paying someone’s bills. Those posts can be equated to your old high school friend’s new baby pictures or your uncle’s misunderstanding of social media. Those opinions are lost in the void of voices. While you want yours to be heard, it’s not going to matter without some sustenance to back it up.  Saying that goes against the “we are all special” motto, but we are not all professional critics. Until then, people are going to be more concerned with what professionals say or what the biggest fans think.

Stop comparing apples to oranges

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before. If not, it means two dissimilar objects shouldn’t be compared. Specifically, I’m talking about the fans constantly comparing the DC movies to the Marvel movies.  I understand that’s difficult to do, but please hear me out.  The two companies have been compared since their beginnings and will continue to be compared until their demise.  Has that ever made anyone better off, though?  What do we ultimately get from that but disappointment? It was fun when it was “Who would win in a fight, A or B?” but it has grown beyond that as a way to insult the films, specifically the DC ones.

As a mainly Marvel girl, I’ve been on board with them from the beginning (and I’m not talking the MCU beginning, I’m talking as far back as Blade.) I loved them and I watched them all the time, but I’ve never thought they’ve created perfect, untouchable films. If I had the chance, I’d redo every single X-Men movie from head to toe.  I want them to continue making movies because I’ve loved what they have created and want to see where they’re going. For those exact same reasons, I want the same for DC.

DC has arguably the best, most prolific pop culture characters in their grasp and have produced multiple iterations of these characters both in the cinematic and written form. Seeing them in any form should be considered bona fide proof that there are millions out there that love these things as much as you.  In no way do I want the two companies to mimic each other. The worlds should be different. They are not the same in written form and they should not be the same in cinematic form either.

Keep an open mind

If you want to hate something, so badly that you openly ridicule it before it’s even available, you’re probably going to hate it.  The same thing is true for the opposite. Keeping an open mind isn’t easy but it’s worth it. You’re able to see a product for what it really is, and in the case of Suicide Squad that would be a decent movie which was a lot of fun. It is not without faults, it is not a perfect film by any means, but it did its job. It got people interested in the characters. Everyone I’ve talked to wants to know more about the characters, whether or not they liked the movie.

So now what?

I don’t know. I just want to enjoy things without abuse. I want everyone to do that. I want the nerdrage to subside. I want to stop seeing “Anyone who likes X is stupid” posts. It’s not edgy. It’s not blue. It’s not even a little funny. It’s discouraging. I want the world to know that I want to see content adaptations and universe building, and I’m not alone. I want these fandoms to grow and thrive and create new fans.  I hope you do too.

We’re Being Bad Fans

SH S1E26: CW’s DC-verse + Supergirl Season Recap

A power outage won’t stop us! For those watching the live stream, we kicked off a few minutes late but things eventually settled down. This week was recap The CW DC TV shows which include Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. We also talk about CBS’ Supergirl which is set to move to The CW for its second season this fall. We discuss everything from season finale plots, best and worst moments, character deaths, and expectations for next season. So with that in mind, we have tons of spoilers for both shows! You have been warned.

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Finally, we are off next week. This episode marks the end of Season 1 for Screen Heroes. We’ll return in two weeks with our fan casting of a live action Super Mario Bros movie! See you then!

CW’s DC-verse + Supergirl Season Recap Podcast Credits

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SH S1E26: CW’s DC-verse + Supergirl Season Recap

How Supergirl Can Join the CW-Verse

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a young twenty-something girl who clearly doesn’t look like either of those things. CBS’ Supergirl is changing homes, moving to sister (or is it cousin) network The CW. For those who think that might be an odd move, you’re probably not aware that The CW is currently home to four different DC Comics TV shows: Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and iZombie. They even have a fifth show in the form of a web series on CW Seed, Vixen. The CW is no stranger to bringing the DC universe together either. In fact, they put the first live action Justice League together on Smallville ages ago. After NBC cancelled Constantine, Stephen Amell (Arrow), lobbied to get the character’s rights to The CW so they could do a crossover and not only did Matt Ryan show up on Arrow, he is lined up to be a recurring, if not regular character in the second season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

So, The CW, it seems, is building its own DC Universe and with the exception of iZombie, it’s all deeply connected. Characters crossover all the time and the animated Vixen even showed up in live action form on Arrow already. Say what you want about the DCEU from a film perspective, The CW has pulled out all of the stops by introducing crazy characters, intense stories, and even the Multiverse in just the second season of The Flash. The network isn’t hesitant to go full comic book and I love that!

Alright, but what does that mean for our Girl of Steel? I, for one, love the show. It’s bright, fun, motivating, and hopeful. Now, there will be some spoilers after the image break pertaining to the March crossover with The Flash. You have been warned.

Supergirl - Kara Danvers - The CW

Still here? Cool. So, back in March CBS and The CW decided to join forces and bring Flash to Supergirl. This was perfect for two main reasons. First, the tones of the show are very similar. The Flash is bright and fun just like Supergirl and definitely not the depressing, teenage angst-filled soap opera Arrow has become in recent months. Second, Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin are old friends from Glee and love working together. That is evident in their promotional photoshoot pairing the two characters together, spurring rumors of a crossover. While the writing for that particular episode may not have been the best either show has seen, the chemistry between Benoist and Gustin was clear and exciting. I wanted to see more of them together and the episode left me wishing Supergirl was a CW show because that network has earned my trust when it comes to DC shows.

The crossover was able to occur because Barry Allen can pass between universes and is specifically trying to do so at the time to defeat Zoom. The Barry Allen character has been able to do similar things in the comic books for decades and in the classic graphic novel Kingdom Come by Alex Ross, Flash has become so quick in his old age that he can literally walk between universes and dimensions.

Now the question The CW has to answer is, will Supergirl stay in its own universe or will something change? Options include keeping the show in its own universe, merging the two universes in a major cataclysmic event, or pulling Kara from her universe to The CW’s permanently. The safe, easy choice is the first one. Let things continue as they are and do a crossover when it’s convenient or organic. The third option would be difficult to pull off. Kara would never be okay with leaving her world behind, so they’d need a really good reason she sticks around. That leaves us with the middle option: major cataclysmic event. Now, these things have happened before… in the comic books. In fact, DC did something like this recently with their “Convergence” story line that spanned the entire DC universe and made basically anything published by them official canon. Now we have two different Superman characters from two different universe, for example.

The CW could do something basically unheard of in the TV world and go down the path of a universe merging event (yes I know this kind of happened in Fringe and I loved that show). Imagine if the Flarrow-verse’s National City was wiped out and replaced with Supergirl’s? It’d be epic. The consequences of such a disaster, dealing with a whole new population that might have doppelgangers around the world is complex, potentially dark, and definitely heavy. Now, something like this could easily be a season spanning arc or at least half a season between setting it up and coming to some kind of resolution. A man can dream but I doubt something like this will happen.

What I expect is that The CW will keep Supergirl in its current universe and provide more crossovers at times, maybe even with doppelganger characters with all the other actors being on the same lot now. We can see Supergirl’s Barry Allen and Oliver Queen pretty much any time now. Like we see Arrow and The Flash characters crossover frequently, we can now see those actors play different versions of themselves much like Earth-2. Does that make Supergirl Earth-3? Those who read the comic books know Earth-3 is not really a good place but The CW-verse is not the comic books.

One final possibility is the inclusive of Legends of Tomorrow crossovers. While the show centers around time travel in the first season, the sky is the limit with such a flexible cast and advanced technology. Crossing between Earths wouldn’t be too difficult to explain.

What would you like to see? Are you excited for the move? Comment below with your thoughts!

How Supergirl Can Join the CW-Verse

SH S1E13: Versus #1 – DC v Marvel

In the first installment of our new Versus series, Rae pits Ryan and I against each other in a classic battle of DC Comics versus Marvel Comics, hero against hero, power against power. Live streamed on Twitch, we randomly pick superheros out of a jar and have to defend why ours should beat the other. Match-ups include Batman versus Captain America, Red Hood v Daredevil, Wonder Woman, v Captain Marvel, and Doctor Fate v Doctor Strange. Additionally, our Twitch subscribers and followers were able to cast their votes live during the recording to help pick our winner! Was it me? Was it Ryan? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Also, don’t forget to join us live on Twitch next week as we record another episode of Screen Heroes! We continue to take viewer comments, suggestions, and questions at twitch.tv\griddaily.

Prefer to watch our videos over just listening in? Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch broadcasts of our live streams, unboxing videos, video game streams, and Rae’s I Ship It series. The link is in the top right corner of our website!

Versus #1 – DC v Marvel Podcast Credits

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SH S1E13: Versus #1 – DC v Marvel

I Ship It Ep. 04 – The Flash & Supergirl

In episode 04 of I Ship It, I ship two more DC Comics character who have broken into the spotlight with their recent live-action TV series on The CW and CBS, Flash and Supergirl. Flash, being a founding member of the Justice League, has been around for decades and have a strong, complex history that includes several different people dawning the Flash cowl, most prominently, Barry Allen. Meanwhile, Supergirl’s popularity seemed to peak in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon as Kara Zor-El, “older” cousin of Superman. How she can be both his big cousin but younger is some great sci-fi, timey-whimey stuff but that’s beside the point.

In this episode, I take a look at why now is the time for The Flash and Supergirl to come together as a couple. They are both seeing their highest level of popularity with two very successful shows in The CW and CBS respectively and they even have a crossover episode scheduled for this month! How cool is that?

Alright, that’s enough for the intro. Check out the video below for my thoughts on the two characters and why I think they make a great couple.

What did you think? Do you Ship The Flash and Supergirl like I do? Let me know in the comments if you’d Ship them and also make some suggestions for fictional couples you’d like to see get together. Don’t forget, season 1 focuses on comic book characters but this goes beyond just DC  and Marvel.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, give the videos a thumbs up and drop a comment. I’d love to hear from you! And just maybe, I’ll pick one of your couple suggestions for an episode of I Ship It.

DC Comics “Rebirth”: A Bit of Old and New

What first comes to mind when you hear the term “Rebirth”? What about in the context of entertainment? Well, for me, it’s one of two things: another one of Futurama’s returns to TV (they can come back any time now, by the way) or the relaunch of Green Lantern, a relaunch that more or less saved the superhero’s franchise. So for me, both are positive thoughts.

Now what about the New 52? Well, many people have had negative things to say about DC Comics relaunch in the New 52 four years ago. I am on the side that actually enjoys what I’ve read. To clear things up, I’m a Green Lantern and Batman fan primarily. Currently, I subscribe to Green Lantern, Batman, Justice League, Starfire, Harley Quinn, and Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion. I’ve tried several other series including Martian Manhunter, Dr. Fate, and Earth-2 but frankly, I just don’t have enough money or time to keep up considering I also read several non-DC Comics series. Full disclosure, the only Marvel title I currently read is Star Wars. So, I’m a DC guy.

So what is DC doing with “Rebirth”? Well, in short, they are taking an opportunity to relaunch their universe in a way that allows them to capture the past while looking to the future. They are planning to put a primary focus back on some of their most iconic and long-standing characters, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as well as other Justice League founders, Green Lantern, Flash, and Aquaman. A big part of this relaunch is also to help align the comic book universe with the movie and TV universes. The DCEU or DC Comics Extended Universe spans TV and film. It includes The CW series Arrow, The Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow, and Vixen, along with CBS’ Supergirl, and FOX’s Gotham. The comic book universe does not represent much of what’s happening in the TV series and upcoming movies. This relaunch will look to resolve some of this.

A major piece to note is the numbering behind DC’s two oldest and most iconic series, Action Comics and Detective Comics. You see, Superman and Batman first appeared in those series respectively and while each superhero has their own title series, these two are DC Comics’ bread and butter, their home, their if you will.  Well, both series will be returning to their pre-New 52 numbering system and those 52 issues in the New 52 will count! So, Action Comics will return with #957 and Detective Comics with #934.

Both of these classic series will also move to a twice per month series along with a ton of more twice-monthly books. The list below includes the title lineup for the relaunch straight from DC Comics’ official website.

Rebirth Title Linup

Rebirth Specials:

New #1 Issues (Shipping twice monthly):

New Issues (Shipping twice monthly):

Rebirth Specials:

New #1 Issues (Shipping twice monthly):

New #1 Issues (Shipping monthly):

Rebirth Specials:

New #1 Issues (Shipping twice monthly):

New #1 Issues (Shipping monthly):
EARTH 2 #1

That is a lot of new series. I’m very curious to see where they are going with this and, as a Green Lantern fan, am excited to see them in the mix. I’m also very excited for the Trinity series coming this Fall which is supposed to focus on Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

DC Comics’ relaunch looks to be a solid time for people to hop back on the DC train. What do you think? Will you be picking up any of these series? Comment below.

DC Comics “Rebirth”: A Bit of Old and New

I Ship It Ep. 01 – Batman & Zatanna

Welcome to the premiere episode of The Grid Daily’s first original web series, I Ship It, starring Rae, co-host of the weekly podcast series Screen Heroes and half of the cosplay duo Super Sirens. In this new weekly web series, Rae will Ship two characters from fictional universes including DC and Marvel comics, sci-fi TV and movies, fantasy novels, and more. Season 1 will focus on comic book characters with the first episode taking a look at one of DC Comics’ most iconic heroes and one of the founding members of the Justice League, Batman, along with one of the most powerful female heroes in the DC Universe, Zatanna.

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I Ship It Ep. 01 – Batman & Zatanna

Suicide Squad Trailer Review

The second trailer for the highly anticipated DC/Warner Brothers movie titled Suicide Squad dropped recently and has the internet all in a buzz. From what this trailer has shown us, this movie looks to not only be very faithful with how the Suicide Squad comic and characters are now in the New 52 universe, but to also have a good amount of humor and some very intense action scenes along with a lot of the squad’s characters’ origins being told throughout. This trailer utilizes Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” throughout with quick cuts of action, characters interacting with one another, humor, and with Harley Quinn having the last line in the trailer which is, “We’re bad guys, it’s what we do.” as she smashes a window that she passes to take a purse she wanted. This trailer gave us a even closer look to some of the fan favorite characters like Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Enchantress and of course The Joker. What was nice about this trailer is that we still don’t know 100% what the story for this movie even is.

We know that Amanda Waller assembles the team to stop a powerful force from rising up and taking over the world. This makes me believe, along with a lot of people on the internet that it will be the Suicide Squad vs. The Enchantress and her demon minions. That alone should make a very cool and fun story to watch, but add in The Joker and who knows where this movie will lead. DC was taking a gamble with this movie and how the tone of it is but I can see it paying off big time. This movie will not only introduce us to a new portrayal of The Joker, (which we haven’t seen on screen since The Dark Knight) but a lot of characters’ first time in a DC movie all together, which is most, if not all the squad members. If this movie does well, then we can for sure see a second one in the mix or even solo outings for certain characters. This trailer for sure pumped me up for this movie; the first teaser shown at SDCC last year got me curious, but this got me full blown interested to see how DC will pull off bringing the infamous Suicide Squad to the big screen this year. Be sure to check out the posters and trailer down below and let us know what you think about the Suicide Squad movie. Will it meet your expectations?

Suicide Squad Posters

suicide-squad poster2suicide squad poster 1

Suicide Squad Trailer

Suicide Squad arrives in theaters and IMAX August 5th, 2016.


Suicide Squad Trailer Review

It’s not a doll, It’s an ACTION FIGURE! – Mattel Multiverse Armored Batman Review

Most people on January 1st were sleeping off a hangover or enjoying the day off work.  The die hard DC Comics fans were most likely planning a trip to their local toy retailer, as that day marked the official sale date for the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice merchandise.  As a major Batman fan, finally having some collectible versions of him in his Superman fighting armored suit is amazing.  My first find is the Mattel 6″ Multiverse version.

The packaging is eye catching, featuring character artwork on the side and front.. If you are a collector that likes to keep your figures in the box, you won’t be disappointed.  It displays very well.



Batman package side

Each Dawn of Justice Multiverse character has a piece of a grapnel gun replica, so if you want the whole gun, you have to get each of the characters.  Only 4 pieces are available now, the other will be released in the future.


Batman package back

As you can see, the four figures available at the moment are Armored Batman, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.  However, I was at the retailer while these were unboxed, and among about 30 of the Multiverse figures, there was not even one Wonder Woman.  It seems likely that she will be the most difficult to find of the bunch.  The convenient part about that is that she comes with a part of the stand for the grapnel gun, so you can still build the actual gun without her.

The box is easy to open.  Cutting through a couple pieces of tape allows the figure tray to slide right out.


Batman open

The figure itself is has an impressive layer of detail for something at this scale.  Featuring 20 points of articulation, you will be able to put Batman into poses you never even imagined! (or maybe you have imagined those positions, no judgement here.)



Batman front


Batman back

He comes with a gun accessory, as well as his piece of the large grapnel gun replica.


Batman pose

The sculpt is good, though the paint doesn’t really show it.  It’s a very basic paint job, and a little disappointing.  A little more highlighting of the battle damage would have gone a long way.


Batman close-up

This figure is a large hunk of plastic, and despite having large feet and articulated ankles, its fairly difficult to get him to stand in anything other than basic poses.  You can do it, it just takes a lot of patience.


Batman with gun accessory

I wish he had been proportionally bigger than the other characters in this line.  Its a little odd to have him stand at the same height as characters that he should be looking down upon.


Batman and Green Arrow

Overall, I would give this character a rating of 6/10  fistfuls of Batarangs, or 3/5 Spaceships.  However you want to count it.


If you are shopping for characters in this line, make sure to look at it carefully before you purchase.  Quality control seems to be all over the place on these things.  I was looking at some of the Multiverse Batman figures, and every single one of them had this gold paint on their gloves:


Batman defect


Batman defect

A couple of them had spots on their faces as well.


Batman defect

So check and double check, you don’t want to discover a shoddy paint job when you get the figure home!

If you’re looking for the figure, it is currently available on Amazon for $19.99 and Prime shipping here.

Have you picked up any of the new Batman v Superman action figures? Comment with your thoughts.

It’s not a doll, It’s an ACTION FIGURE! – Mattel Multiverse Armored Batman Review