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Prepping 4 Picard #2: Conspiracy

Prepping 4 Picard #2: Conspiracy
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Prepping 4 Picard continues this week with the Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Episode, “Conspiracy”. Catch the full list in our Top 20 Quintessential Picard episodes! Derreck & Rae discuss the “Coming of Age” sequel, the impact of the plot on future Trek, and how the episode showed various sides of who Jean-Luc Picard is at his core.

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Prepping 4 Picard #2: Conspiracy

RR32: TNG Mek’ba Season 1 Best of Wes

This week we jump ahead to The Next Generation and introduce a new format we’re calling the Mek’ba! Each week, two of us will go head-to-head, making our case for why a particular episode is the best of a given topic. The third host will need to determine the winning episode. First up, we’re tackling TNG Season 1 with the next three episodes. Our maiden voyage finds us looking into the best Wesley Crusher episode of TNG Season 1. Greg has picked Episode 2 “The Naked Now” and Derreck has picked Episode 19 “Coming of Age”. Next week, we’ll rotate and it will be Jeremy and Derreck with Greg being our judge for the best Romance episode of TNG Season 1. Don’t miss it!

What do you think of our two episodes? Which one is the best Wesley Crusher episode? Do you think Wesley shines in another one from Season 1?

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RR32: TNG Mek’ba Season 1 Best of Wes