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Join us this week as Ian and Kris explore and talk about the new live action T.V. show currently in production, The Mandalorian! They talk what its going to be about, the list of announced directors so far, characters they would love to see appear and so much more! Grab your thermal detonators and set your blasters for stun as we dive into The Madalorian.

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The Mandalorian

Jurassic World – Review


Disregarding the events of The Lost World and Jurassic Park III, Jurassic World is a film that takes place over 20 years after the Jurassic Park incident. During this time period, InGen Corporation has regained control of the island and has now opened the park to the public. Despite the success of the park, InGen has tasked their geneticists with creating a bigger, scarier, “cooler” dinosaur called the Indominous Rex. It is believed that this dinosaur will increase park attendance and gain worldwide acclaim.




The Good:

Dr. Wu & Dr. Malcolm in Jurassic Park

  1. The previous sequels unfortunately relied on characters from the first film to sort of be a “root” for the film. What would happen instead is that that character, or characters, would overshadow the new characters and make the viewer not care about the new characters. In Jurassic World, there are no main characters from the original movie, save for the head geneticist who had only a minor role in Park. This allowed the plot and the new cast of characters to breathe and become their own.
  2. Since Park, every single film has featured animatronic dinosaurs in addition CGI ones. This has most certainly helped the actors give better performances, as well as made the films have a more realistic look. World is no exception, also using animatronics. That being said, CGI has come a long way in the past 20 years. The marriage of CGI and animatronics is nearly flawless, making this one of the best looking Jurassic Park films to date.Injured dinosaur in Jurassic World
  3. Michael Giacchino does a fine job with the musical score, not overly relying on the previous themes established by the legendary John Williams. The original themes are used sparingly and in a meaningful fashion. One particular music cue is used very well toward the beginning of the film.
  4. With a good look and a good sound, this film also proves to have a pretty good plot as well. Coming up with a new dinosaur might seem trite, but it is actually handled quite well and draws the viewers into the movie. In addition to the plot, the characters and their relationships with each other come across as fluid and realistic. You actually care when you see them being chased down by dinosaurs, which is a testament to creating likable characters.Owen and his Raptor gang.
  5. As demonstrated in Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt proves that he is a fine fit for action flicks. Pratt plays Owen, a raptor trainer who imprints on the raptors when they are born and serves as the “alpha” raptor. This relationship with the raptors (named Blue, Echo, Delta, and Charlie) is both intriguing and fun, as each raptor seems to have a personality of its own like a dog or a cat.

The Bad:

Jurassic World actually has a couple of plot holes that are fairly minor. In one instance, an InGen head honcho executes a plan that he most likely knew would fail. Then again, corporate executives are rarely portrayed as being very bright. So it is possible that the film was merely reflecting that aspect. In another instance, the two boys’ parents are undergoing a divorce. The film emphasizes the divorce throughout. However, it never really resolves, though it did serve as a decent way for developing the relationship between the two brothers.

Zach and his little brother Gray in Jurassic World.


It seems the years have been kind in allowing the Jurassic Park franchise to simmer. World has pretty good plot with a good cast. There is plenty of humor, which is surprisingly not too reliant on Chris Pratt. All in all, Jurassic World serves as an entertaining and fun summer blockbuster.

Jurassic World – Review