The Gauntlet 04: Thor

The Gauntlet 04: Thor
Screen Heroes

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Screen Heroes and the entire network are proud to announce a new weekly segment: THE GAUNTLET! Join Jeremy from Redshirts & Runabouts and Saturday Morning Tooncast and Rae from Costume Couture and Screen Heroes on their epic rewatch of the MCU films starting with Iron Man. That’s right, every week, we’re talking about one of the many stops on the road to Thanos and Avengers: Infinity War. This week brings the introduction to the son of Odin, Thor himself!

For our fourth episode, we talk the blonde hunk from the sky: Thor! Join us to see how we feel about the first foray into the fantasy world of Asgard. Did it impress? Did it fall flat? What could have been had Branaugh continued as director?

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Screen Heroes: The Gauntlet Podcast Credits

Jeremy Monken
Rae Stewart

Special Guest
Derreck Mayer

Executive Producer
Derreck Mayer

Rae Stewart
Derreck Mayer

Avengers Theme Excerpt by Alan Silvestri

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The Gauntlet 04: Thor