SMT14 – Taz Mania and Golden Crisp

SMT14 – Taz Mania and Golden Crisp
Saturday Morning Tooncast

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Danielle is back this week with a look at two episodes of the complicated and deeply problematic Looney Tunes spin-off (emphasis on the spin), Taz Mania! We discuss Danielle’s weird Jawbreaker necklace, the political incorrectness of portraying Australian aborigines as upper class white Americans, Danielle’s complete inability to place the release year of classic animation, and the unhealthy wonderfulness that is Golden Crisp.

Then things trail off a bit near the end. We recorded late, were a bit punchy and there’s only so much I can edit out.

If anyone is interested in watching the clip of the 16 tonne weight gag I keep talking about, you can watch it here.

This show features the voice talent of Rob Paulsen, Jim Cummings and Maurice LaMarche.

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SMT14 – Taz Mania and Golden Crisp

SH S4E02: Best 90s Movies

This week is all about the 90s with the best movies of the 1990s! We bring on two guests plus a special guest host to discuss tons of the best movies to come out of the 90s. There are rules! We talk about certain movies, like Jurassic Park, all the time, so those are off limits. Throughout the episode, we try to bring varied genres and styles including sci-fi, comedies, dramas, and more!

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SH S4E02: Best 90s Movies

Jasmine and Modesty

It’s been a full 24 years since Aladdin first came out in theaters, bringing the fictional land of Agrabah to us all. The movie featured a strong titular hero, but had some of the best side characters in a Disney movie yet. That includes the caring and adventurous Princess Jasmine. As a little girl, I loved her. I found her brazen attitude sassy and invigorating. She continued the 90’s effort to make the Disney females more reflective of real women while maintaining their air of elegance.

Jasmine stood out for numerous reasons that were even obvious to kids. She was the first (and still only) princess in the Disney line who is not the main character of the story. She is also, by far, the most provocatively dressed. An argument could be made for Ariel while she’s still a fish, but comparing human to human, the argument falls flat. Now, fast forward 24 years, and apparently, that’s a problem.

Disney Changes Things Up

This past weekend, Walt Disney World debuted a new official outfit for the Jasmine mascot.  The most glaring change was immediately noticed by attendees: Jasmine’s midriff and arms were completely covered. While other changes were made (the teal color was lightened and a new wig was added), this seems to be the most divisive. Disney representatives were quoted saying that multiple complaints were made by park-goers regarding Jasmine’s exposed midriff. jasmine-new-costume-at-walt-disney-world-tall

While this costume does deviate strongly from the familiar animated one, it still projects the same image of Jasmine as before. It also bears a striking resemblance to the wedding outfit Jasmine wears at the end of the film and the third movie.

Since it’s debut, the multitude of fans hating the costume has grown. It seems like a silly change to make so far from Jasmine’s live park debut. Why would they do that now?

But Why?

It’s no shocking breakthrough when a woman is judged based off of her clothes. While I was a cocktail server at a casino, I was repeatedly called a “whore” for my required uniform (a simple cocktail dress). Usually, though, my response to forced modesty on women is a big “F U!” However, I have to consider the full scope of this. There have been many accounts of former Disney mascots reportedly harassed or even assaulted by park attendees in the past, with most of them agreeing that Jasmine gets the brunt of it. If this is more of a measure to protect the women in costume, then I can’t argue that. I can only wonder why they haven’t done similar costume changes for Ariel, Pocahontas, and Tinkerbell (midriff exposed, short skirt, short skirt). The aforementioned characters are almost harassed as much as Jasmine.

Another suspected reason is a roll out for the upcoming winter season. Most of the Disney parks change things up with the seasons, doing big themes for Halloween and Christmas alike. People have largely forgotten that Aladdin also got a costume change, reflecting his more regal position at the end of the film.  Yet again, the question remains, why are these characters singled out? When the parks make the large changes for the seasons, it’s not just one or two characters that fall in line. It’s the entire park. They’re also way too early for both Halloween and Christmas.


Lastly, changes in costume are often made when new merchandise or films are going to be released. Both Elsa and Anna got beautiful makeovers for Frozen Fever which were reflected in merchandising and park representation. Yet no news has been released regarding any new endeavors into Agrabah, so while this is the most agreeable reason to change costumes, it’s the least likely of them all.

Jasmine’s Still Hot

As of now, there’s been no other changes to modify Jasmine’s modesty.  There hasn’t been a huge roll out of new toys and dolls (they are not the same thing!) of midriff-covered princesses. Even the official Jasmine costume sold by the park to children still comes in two pieces rather than one. 400106001404

It will be some time before we know the true motive behind the unusual change. I know I personally can’t wrap my head around the switch. Is it possible that the 90’s was actually a more progressive era regarding women? Have we socially regressed or is this the park wanting to protect their employees? We may truly never know.

Personally, I believe the new outfit is absolutely beautiful and reflects the nature and culture of Jasmine just as well as it had in the past. My preference still lies in the previous style, but that is due to my love for all screen accurate costumes (it’s a cosplay thing I have.)

EDIT: Back in May, Pocahontas and Mulan both received new costumes, seemingly enhancing their regal positions, however, neither changed the modesty of the costume itself. pm2-800x356

What do you think about Jasmine’s new outfit? Are you outraged? By change or by tummies? Comment below!

Jasmine and Modesty

The Errors in Yakko’s Nation Song

Lately I’ve had way too many Animaniacs songs stuck in my head, thanks to the recent addition of the 90s hit cartoon to Netfilx. All of the songs are sharp and catchy and that’s why Animaniacs won both Emmys and Peabody awards. But the “Nations of the World” song is still the most popular, most remembered. And in my case the one that is still stuck in my head. Aside from cartoons I was always fascinated with geography so this song stuck with me over the years but I’ve wondered about the accuracy. Some nations were left off while some other small mistakes were made here and there. Lets give this song a closer look.


Facts and Trivia:

The Nations of the World was sung by the voice actor for Yakko Warner, Rob Paulsen, who would later go on to voice Pinky from Pinky and the Brain. Interestingly later on in a nod to this song Brain derides Pinky’s stupidity and asks him if there is in fact anything that he does know, Pinky replies, “I know all the words to ‘Yakko’s World’ as they are both voiced by the same actor.

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen and his work


Paulsen’s rendition has been so popular that he often sings the entire song at conventions without missing a beat or dropping a country. But few people realize that the song was written by a person from another one of the WB’s other hit shows of the 90s, Batman the Animated series. Randy Rogel had wanted to work on the more whimsical and musical Animaniacs but no one at Warner Bros thought he could do it, he didn’t much experience with comedy. But at the time Rogel’s son was studying geography for school and Rogel was struck by how easily the North American countries rhymed with each other. Despite Rogel’s writing talents and enthusiasm for the song there were a few omissions and errors that creeped in to it. It’s still an amazing little song but lets take a closer look at those mistakes.

Batman Animated Series



Soviet Bloc

The most glaring omissions are the absence of all of the Soviet Bloc countries; Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, to name a few. The reason for this was simple. The song was written just before the fall of the USSR. And though Animaniacs aired nearly two years after these nations came to be, animation has a long lead time, much longer than a live action show. You write it, draw it, voice it, do the music and so on. All of this has to be done in sequence, one after the other. Commonly it can take a year or so from start to finish. So when the song aired there was just Russia.


In Soviet Russia Song Makes You an Error

South Africa

There really is no good reason to have left South Africa off the list of nations, especially when the smaller nation of Lesotho was in the song. Interestingly Lesotho is land locked by South Africa. The same with Swaziland, both of who’s history’s are closely tied to South Africa. Its something similar to Indian reservations in North America except Lesotho and Swaziland have complete autonomy despite being surrounded on all sides by South Africa. These two little nuggets of state hood curiosity are hard to examine without first looking to South Africa history. This by far the most damning omission, very inconsistent of Yakko. Yakko is going to have to take an F for is geography grade.



United Arab Emirates

Another lesser known country was left out, United Arab Emirates. U.A.E. It’s considered to be the business center of the Gulf States. Its capitol, Abu Dhabi, is considered to be at the heart of commerce and is often referred to as the Venice of the Middle East. Many of its buildings and business tend to be state of the art and look way ahead of its time. So much so that many movies choose to shoot there including the up and coming Star Trek Beyond. It’s a slight omission, I hope Yakko didn’t mean anything by it, the little rascal.



The Vatican
The Holy See is technically its own nation, it maintains diplomatic ties with many nations. All despite only occupying a small part of Rome itself that is in fact a part of the nation of Italy. There are a few reasons for this but mainly it’s a clever way of having a separation of church and state, one that isn’t exactly duplicated elsewhere. It’s so tiny and not many people know it is its own nation so I can’t blame Yakko too much.

Holy See

Oceanic Nations

The song also leaves off many of the small Oceanic countries, ones with small land masses and tiny populations. Leaving micro nations like Samoa or Tonga off but this is understandable as many people can’t find these on the map. But they could’ve been easy to rhyme in the song. Sorry tiny micro nations


Wales and Scotland
Oddly enough the Yakko highlights the United Kingdom in the song but sings out Britain. Lumping Scotland, Wales, and Britain together. Interestingly Yakko does have Scotland by itself though to be consistent he should have used the United Kingdom. Hey let’s face the U.K. is complicated for some people, especially monkey dog like cartoon creatures. It’s a minor error that a lot of Americans would make I’m sure. I guess we can forgive Yakko for this to and it makes William Wallace happy I’m sure.

wallace scotland


Territorial Errors:

Yakko’s nation song repeatedly makes mistakes in regard to territories. San Juan is mentioned twice , presumably to represent Puerto Rico when in fact it’s a territory of the United States. Puerto Rico is  rather happy to be one I might add as they continually vote to decline independence. The same for Guam in the pacific. Transylvania is mentioned twice but is actually apart of Romania, though this is understandable as Bram Stroker’s Dracula made this region famous. However the largest error by square mileage would be Greenland which belongs to small nation of Denmark, mainly because no one else wants it I guess. Lots of snow and cold, no thanks, Denmark can just keep Greenland. Hong Kong is also sung but it was actually a territory of the United Kingdom at the time and hadn’t been returned to China until 1999. It was never its own nation.




For naming purposes several nations were used twice, Benin, Algeria, and Romania. The territory of Puerto Rico is mentioned twice as well when San Juan is called. Well I suppose its better than making up fictional countries, Yakko would try to sneak over something like this on us if we let him. Nothing wrong with this Yakko, no demerits for him technically.


Final Grade:
I’d still have to give Yakko an A+ if anything but for tenacity. Setting out to sing all the nations in the world is an epic undertaking. Making it all fun and catchy is the quite the accomplishment. Most importantly it helped to make geography fun and interesting to children, and I was one of those kids. When so many other cartoons where silly and immature Animaniacs occasionally could show that nerdy stuff was okay and it was even a little fun to. For that I’m willing to overlook a lot, even the occasionally error and omissions. Sorry South Africa and U.A.E., maybe you’ll make the updated version of the song if there is one. (fingers crossed)

Yakko F

Its okay, in my heart you get an A+


With the Animaniacs now on Netflix, are you looking to do a rewatch of the classic cartoon? Comment below with your thoughts!

The Errors in Yakko’s Nation Song

Disney’s Lion Guard

If you missed the 90’s, then you happened to miss one of Disney’s most glorious periods in animation.  Their movies were repeatedly nominated for Academy Awards; again, they were that good. You also missed Disney’s wave of rushed sequels which never met fans expectations, milking their glory for all it was worth.  No animated Disney film was exempt, Aladdin, The Lion King, Mulan, even The Little Mermaid.  Before I continue with the actual point of this article, just look at these shenanigans (for the sake of time, I omitted Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, Bambi, and Fox and the Hound sequels. Ain’t nobody got time for that):

Disney's Animated Films with Sequels

Isn’t that a little over the top?  Well, with the release of 2009’s Princess and the Frog, Disney has entered again into an era where they can do no wrong.  Which can only mean that they’re going to try sequels again.  Cue The Lion Guard.THE LION GUARD - The epic storytelling of Disney's "The Lion King" continues with "The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar," a primetime television movie event starring Rob Lowe, Gabrielle Union and James Earl Jones, reprising his iconic role as Mufasa. Premiering this November on Disney Channel, the movie follows Kion, the second-born cub of Simba and Nala, as he assumes the role of leader of the Lion Guard, a team of animals tasked with preserving the Pride Lands. "The Lion Guard" television series will premiere in early 2016 on Disney Channels and Disney Junior channels around the globe. (Disney Junior) FULI, KION, ONO , BESHTE, BUNGA

This animated series will follow Simba and Nala’s youngest child, Kion, and his band of friends who form the Lion Guard, a protection group for the Pridelands. Featuring both new and returning characters (Mufasa?!), the series will highlight the values of friendship and diversity.  The series will introduce itself on November 22 with an hour-long special: The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar followed by the series on January 3, 2016 with standard half-hour episodes.  There are five children’s books also planned for a 2016 release: Kion, Pride of the Pridelands, Can’t Wait to be Queen, Bunga’s Big Adventure, Meet the New Guard, and Kion’s Animal Alphabet.  From the current information, The Lion Guard seems to takes place before The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.

What do you think? Will you be watching The Lion Guard?

Disney’s Lion Guard