How Supergirl Can Join the CW-Verse

How Supergirl Can Join the CW-Verse

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a young twenty-something girl who clearly doesn’t look like either of those things. CBS’ Supergirl is changing homes, moving to sister (or is it cousin) network The CW. For those who think that might be an odd move, you’re probably not aware that The CW is currently home to four different DC Comics TV shows: Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and iZombie. They even have a fifth show in the form of a web series on CW Seed, Vixen. The CW is no stranger to bringing the DC universe together either. In fact, they put the first live action Justice League together on Smallville ages ago. After NBC cancelled Constantine, Stephen Amell (Arrow), lobbied to get the character’s rights to The CW so they could do a crossover and not only did Matt Ryan show up on Arrow, he is lined up to be a recurring, if not regular character in the second season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

So, The CW, it seems, is building its own DC Universe and with the exception of iZombie, it’s all deeply connected. Characters crossover all the time and the animated Vixen even showed up in live action form on Arrow already. Say what you want about the DCEU from a film perspective, The CW has pulled out all of the stops by introducing crazy characters, intense stories, and even the Multiverse in just the second season of The Flash. The network isn’t hesitant to go full comic book and I love that!

Alright, but what does that mean for our Girl of Steel? I, for one, love the show. It’s bright, fun, motivating, and hopeful. Now, there will be some spoilers after the image break pertaining to the March crossover with The Flash. You have been warned.

Supergirl - Kara Danvers - The CW

Still here? Cool. So, back in March CBS and The CW decided to join forces and bring Flash to Supergirl. This was perfect for two main reasons. First, the tones of the show are very similar. The Flash is bright and fun just like Supergirl and definitely not the depressing, teenage angst-filled soap opera Arrow has become in recent months. Second, Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin are old friends from Glee and love working together. That is evident in their promotional photoshoot pairing the two characters together, spurring rumors of a crossover. While the writing for that particular episode may not have been the best either show has seen, the chemistry between Benoist and Gustin was clear and exciting. I wanted to see more of them together and the episode left me wishing Supergirl was a CW show because that network has earned my trust when it comes to DC shows.

The crossover was able to occur because Barry Allen can pass between universes and is specifically trying to do so at the time to defeat Zoom. The Barry Allen character has been able to do similar things in the comic books for decades and in the classic graphic novel Kingdom Come by Alex Ross, Flash has become so quick in his old age that he can literally walk between universes and dimensions.

Now the question The CW has to answer is, will Supergirl stay in its own universe or will something change? Options include keeping the show in its own universe, merging the two universes in a major cataclysmic event, or pulling Kara from her universe to The CW’s permanently. The safe, easy choice is the first one. Let things continue as they are and do a crossover when it’s convenient or organic. The third option would be difficult to pull off. Kara would never be okay with leaving her world behind, so they’d need a really good reason she sticks around. That leaves us with the middle option: major cataclysmic event. Now, these things have happened before… in the comic books. In fact, DC did something like this recently with their “Convergence” story line that spanned the entire DC universe and made basically anything published by them official canon. Now we have two different Superman characters from two different universe, for example.

The CW could do something basically unheard of in the TV world and go down the path of a universe merging event (yes I know this kind of happened in Fringe and I loved that show). Imagine if the Flarrow-verse’s National City was wiped out and replaced with Supergirl’s? It’d be epic. The consequences of such a disaster, dealing with a whole new population that might have doppelgangers around the world is complex, potentially dark, and definitely heavy. Now, something like this could easily be a season spanning arc or at least half a season between setting it up and coming to some kind of resolution. A man can dream but I doubt something like this will happen.

What I expect is that The CW will keep Supergirl in its current universe and provide more crossovers at times, maybe even with doppelganger characters with all the other actors being on the same lot now. We can see Supergirl’s Barry Allen and Oliver Queen pretty much any time now. Like we see Arrow and The Flash characters crossover frequently, we can now see those actors play different versions of themselves much like Earth-2. Does that make Supergirl Earth-3? Those who read the comic books know Earth-3 is not really a good place but The CW-verse is not the comic books.

One final possibility is the inclusive of Legends of Tomorrow crossovers. While the show centers around time travel in the first season, the sky is the limit with such a flexible cast and advanced technology. Crossing between Earths wouldn’t be too difficult to explain.

What would you like to see? Are you excited for the move? Comment below with your thoughts!

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