Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday

Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday

With 2016 being the 50th anniversary of the famed Star Trek franchise, many fans are getting a taste of new content in the form of a new feature film, Star Trek Beyond, the announcement of a currently unnamed CBS All-Access TV series set to premiere in January 2017, the largest Star Trek Las Vegas convention to date, tons of new merchandise including the 3D chess set, and now a new major expansion to the Star Trek MMO, Star Trek Online. The game is in its 6th year and has evolved quite heavily since its inception. For those who don’t know, the game allows you to select a faction, the Federation (Starfleet), the Klingons, or the most recently added Romulans. You then get to move up through the ranks completing missions, getting more powerful ships, additional bridge crew, etc. It’s Star Trek’s attempt at World of Warcraft or EVE Online. It is free to play, by the way.

The new expansion, Agents of Yesterday, focuses on the classic era of Trek from The Original Series and will include voice work by the original Chekov, Walter Koenig and the son of Scotty, Chris Doohan, who has done work on Trek in the past. The expansion specifically takes place after the original show’s cancellation and focuses on the addition of new time travel aspects and Temporal Agents. Check out the details in the official press release below!

The 50th anniversary of Star Trek is here, and I couldn’t be more excited to announce our contribution to the celebration: Agents of Yesterday, the third full expansion to Star Trek Online!

Agents of Yesterday will allow players to create a new captain in Star Trek: The Original Series era and will set them on an adventure featuring classic story lines, locations, celebrities, and era-appropriate starships. In 2270, the year following the third season of the original series, the player will adventure with Walter Koenig, reprising his role of Chekov, and Chris Doohan, filling in for his father as Scotty. There is a new threat to the security of the Federation, and they are invading with hopes of overwhelming the past to destroy our future.

In addition to the ability to create a brand new Star Trek: The Original Series Starfleet captain, we will be introducing a new episode arc for players of every faction, the Temporal Initiative Resistance Reputation, a Temporal Operative Primary Specialization along with brand new Bridge Officer powers. Players who create their captains during the first six weeks of launch will also be able to participate in the new Temporal Agent Recruitment system for bonus personal and account-wide rewards, a new iteration of the popular Delta Recruitment system that released a year ago. This release is packed with content to keep you engaged in the classic Star Trek: The Original Series era – and beyond.

There isn’t a better way to continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series than by creating a Starfleet captain and engaging in some amazing adventures in that classic period.

This is only the first of many blog posts with detailed information on everything that’s shipping with Agents of Yesterday, so stay tuned and I’ll see you in game!

Stephen Ricossa
Executive Producer
Star Trek Online

Watch the official announcement trailer here:

Are you excited about the new expansion? Have you played Star Trek Online before? Comment below with your thoughts. Live long and prosper.

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  1. Aaron says:

    How do I play the Agents of Yesterday missions ? Im currently Playing Star Trek Online

    1. I don’t believe it’s available quite yet. This was just based on the press release and announcement trailer. It should be available this summer though.

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