Star Trek: Discovery First Look

Star Trek: Discovery First Look

It has been a long time coming, nearly a year. Last summer Star Trek: Discovery was announced. We received a title, logo, and a simple test flight video that many mistook for a final ship design. We were also given a premiere window of January 2017. Well, it’s mid-May and obviously that didn’t happen. The second premiere window of May is also being missed for a goal of Fall 2017.

This has made many fans skeptical of the show and the support CBS was or was not giving it. Well, I think many questions were answered today as CBS released official production stills and a first look trailer, in addition to adding two more episodes (15 instead of 13) to Discovery’s first season. To top that, they even announced Talking Trek, which will be a Talking Dead style talk show that also premieres this Fall.

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Of course, many questions remain and there are some concerns from die-hard Prime timeline (pre-2009 movie) fans. For example, why do the Klingons look like that? and why do the interior ship and uniform designs look like the new movies? All good questions, especially given that CBS originally stated that Discovery would take place in the Prime timeline like all previous TV series, and not the Kelvin timeline where the three latest movies take place.

I want your thoughts! Watch the trailer below. Check out the images and then comment!

So what did you think? Are you excited for Star Trek: Discovery? Pumped? Bummed? Meh? Will you watch Talking Trek?

Let us know!

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere in the US on CBS and all remaining episodes will stream on CBS All-Access. Discovery will be available on Netflix in other territories.

Oh and live long and prosper. \\\///

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