Spider-Man: Far From Home Speculation

Spider-Man: Far From Home Speculation

It wasn’t that long ago this network was pelvis deep in Avengers: Endgame content. The anticipation for that film, the theories, the speculation; we thrived on it. Now that Endgame has come and gone, we are looking toward the future. Marvel’s future, to be exact.

Spider-Man: Homecoming wasn’t groundbreaking or particularly world-building for the MCU. It did its job of solidifying a world with Peter Parker and the Avengers. That’s all it needed to do. Spider-Man: Far From Home, however, is a bit bigger. Since it is the first release after the infinitely larger Avengers: Endgame, fans are expecting to see aftermath and the pathway to what’s next.

As of the time of me writing this, we’ve seen two trailers from Spider-Man: Far From Home, revealing just when the movie takes place and what the world is currently like. Here’s what we at the HPN are speculating for the final film of MCU Phase 3.

8. Tony Stark is an AI Program

Yes, Tony Stark the character is dead. Yes, Robert Downey, Jr. has said that he will not appear in any more films as Iron Man. Frankly, I’m not putting a lot of stock into this one. Since RDJ has been the very glue keeping the MCU together over the last decade, it wouldn’t be ridiculous to have him come back in a JARVIS/FRIDAY kind of way. Paul Bettany, who voiced JARVIS before taking on the role of Vision, was quoted saying “I would show up, record some dialogue for a few hours, and they’d hand me a bag of money.” While I personally don’t believe his bag of money claim, I do absolutely believe that voice over work is a lot less time consuming, and should Robert Downey, Jr. ever want to return to the role, a new AI program is the best way to do this. It doesn’t require a lot of time from the actor, it fits well with the character’s canon they’ve already set up, and it has comic book precedence.

What I Don’t Want to See

From the trailers, we can tell that Peter is still grieving the loss of his mentor, and that story development absolutely needs to be there. Inserting a Tony Stark AI at the beginning of the film would cheapen not only Peter’s mourning, but just how impactful Tony’s death was in the first place. This development would be best saved for a post-credits scene or a different film entirely.

7. The Sinister Six…

Or something like it. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, we were introduced to multiple villains from the classic Spider-Man rogue gallery. While Vulture was in the forefront, fans also were able to spot Phineas Mason (the Tinkerer), Herman Schultz (the Shocker), Aaron Davis (the Prowler) and Mac Gargan (the Scorpion). By the end of the film, every single one of them is still alive! Now, according to IMDbSpider-Man: Far From Home, will also potentially set up multiple villains, including the advertised Mysterio. If you scroll down the cast list, Numan Acar is set to play a character just named Dimitri right now. This could easily be a ruse, or it could be comic book character Dmitri Smerdyakov, better known as the Chameleon. That leaves us with 7 Spider-Man villains between 2 movies and the foundation for a potential Sinister Six.

Why it May Not Happen

The current deal with Sony Pictures only allowed use of the Spider-Man character for 5 films. If you count it up, Spider-Man: Far From Home is number 5 (Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame being the other four films). I have zero doubt that a new deal will be made soon enough, but with the financial success of Sony’s Venom last October and Tom Hardy set to return in the sequel, Sony is going to want to keep a hold of some of these characters for themselves. That could be why we’re seeing only their non-villainous personas, and why the two films have avoided higher profile Spider-Man villains like Green Goblin and Rhino.

6. A Whole New World

Speculation as to what Quentin Beck/Mysterio’s world actually looks like/consists of has been rampant among the internet. The introduction of a multiverse does mean that the MCU can have a canonical excuse to retcon any character deaths (looking at you, Black Widow and Vision), introduce characters from the previously owned by 20th Century Fox collection (looking at you X-Men and Fantastic Four), or merge the Sony and the MCU versions of Spider-Man.

What it Means

Truthfully, it’s probably all 3 of those things…eventually. Spider-Man: Far From Home is still going to be a self-contained story, with absolutely no mention of the Fox characters or currently deceased characters in the MCU. If Quentin Beck’s world is going to be explored at all, it is more likely that his world contains the Tom Hardy iteration of Venom than anything else. That way, they’d only be alluding/introducing ONE new character from a different world rather than many. But don’t expect them to drop the whole multiverse thing any time soon. That will affect the MCU all throughout Phase 4 and any new sagas that lie ahead.

5. There are Two Quentin Becks

I’m not gonna lie to you all; this is pure fan service. And why do you suppose they would do this? Well, it’s because Jake Gyllenhaal is just so likable. And he truly is! We all want Mysterio to be the good character they’re showing us in the trailer, including the die hard comics fans that are so used to Mysterio being a dick. Two of them would work with the story too, though! Quentin Beck’s appearance on our world does mean that there could already be a Quentin Beck walking around. We could see a bad version of Mysterio get his ass kicked by a good one!

What could go wrong

I mean, honestly; a lot. This is such wishful thinking from fans that it could easily go horribly wrong. Yes, keeping Jake Gyllenhaal as part of the MCU family for more and more movies could be amazing. He’s a great actor and the character is unique enough to become, at the very least, a new Loki-like addition. However, this could also be a cheesy, unoriginal take on the character that it results in botching the whole multiverse set up.

4. The Elementals are More Baddies

Well, duh. But what I really mean is they are specific Spider-Man villains already established in comic book canon. The easiest to spot is the earthy one, who is CONVENIENTLY MADE OF SAND. Sound like anyone you already know? It could be Sandman, of course! And the giant lava being oozing all over London? Why that could easily be Molten Man (yep, he’s a real thing). Lastly, there’s the watery giant, which could be Hydro-Man! Is it true? Are we finally gonna get a Spider-Man movie with a dozen villains?

Is that what you want?

Of course there’s a chance. There’s always a chance. And the writers at Marvel could have all looked at each other at 3 am on Tuesday after a 20 hour work day and said, “BALLS TO THE MFING WALL.” If this is true, then it would be one of the few times I’ve ever seen a movie go full video game, resembling more of a disaster film than a superhero one. Honestly, though, I think it may all be part of Mysterio’s schtick. He could be causing all these malcontent elementals to appear. So far they are faceless and nameless beings that we only really see Mysterio face, which sets up my head canon that MYSTERIO IS A DICK.

3. More Spider Characters are Coming

This would be one way to get me to sign on to MCU Spider-Man for decades. Seeing Jessica Drew or Cindy Moon, Gwen Stacy or Miles Morales swinging on the big screen would light me up for days. I always found those characters more interesting than Peter himself. But I digress. Not only does opening the multiverse give us this option, but there’s no reason why characters like Cindy Moon and Jessica Drew don’t already exist on this Earth, in this world. Most of the other characters already in the MCU have side characters that have similar power sets or friends that join them in their adventures. Very rarely is an MCU solo film really solo.

Why we can’t have this yet

If you’ve noticed, the MCU has introduced quite a few popular Spider-Man characters, but have only used their normal names as opposed to their hero monikers. This has a lot to do with their deal with Sony. With the success of Venom and Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, it’s likely that Sony has got some big plans for Spider characters, even dropping the idea of a female-centric animated film in the works. Depending on how the new deal with Sony is negotiated, it’s possible that more Spider characters won’t be swinging any time soon, but be on the look out for those normie names!

2. More Avengers!

As the MCU story lines progress, there’s less and less of IN UNIVERSE reasons to explain why more heroes don’t just show up. Surely with an Infinity Stone and some world shattering destruction in Thor: The Dark World, someone was available to help? No? Well shucks. We all know the real reason: it’s all about contracts. There are some stars, like Samuel L. Jackson, that commit to 9 pictures, but he does say that includes cameos too. Others, like Chris Evans, was signed on for 6 originally, extended to 7, but popped up for those cameos and didn’t count it against Marvel.

But wait! There’s more

This one might actually work. The newer additions to the Avengers roster have all been contracted for A LOT more films, counting those cameos here and there. Sure, Fury and Maria Hill have explained why they don’t get Captain Marvel or Thor for the Elemental attacks in Europe, there’s still a TON more heroes to choose from that are alive and well and actually on Earth. Expect to see small scenes with other Avengers in most of the solo films going forward. Think Doctor Strange in Thor: Ragnarok

1. Spider-Man is the new Iron Man!!!!!

What a weird speculation. I bet, in a way, he is. He has been, at most times, Marvel’s most popular character around the world. From a merchandising and marketing perspective, I’m sure he’ll sell way more toys and clothes, especially with Peter being a younger man. But to claim that it’s Spider-Man of all characters to step up and be the world’s Tony Stark, is putting a lot of fictional weight on a character’s shoulders. The Peter Parker we know isn’t ready to be a leader of the Avengers. And while he’s an intelligent person, Peter has never compared to Tony’s brains.

Spider-Man isn’t the new anyone

Spider-Man is his own character and has his own role to play already. He already serves his own purpose in the Avengers. Honestly, if they didn’t think he was useful, they wouldn’t have relied on him numerous times already. One of the best things the MCU has done is create the pseudo-father/son relationship between Tony and Peter. It’s seriously heartwarming. At this time, his character should be allowed to grieve and figure out who HE is going to be as a hero instead of filling someone else’s shoes. Spider-Man will always be an incredible asset to the team and now is his time to prove that to himself.

Alright, those are our speculations for Spider-Man: Far From Home plus some. What do you think? Do you agree with our Spidey-speculations, do you have some of your own? Let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

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