SMT09: Nicktoons Out of the Vault Again [Part 1], Trix

SMT09: Nicktoons Out of the Vault Again [Part 1], Trix

What lies within the mysterious Nicktoons DVD? Toon in to find out! Or we’ll just tell you. Danielle starts things off with the Nicktoon she couldn’t help but call dibs on, Ahh!!! Real Monsters, the scare-filled monster Nicktoon by Gabor Csupo. We watch an ep about Obleena’s human suit and one about a friendly bark-and-bite named Fungus.

Jeremy dives deeper into the mystery DVD to bring up a couple eps of Angry Beavers. Listen as we discuss beaver-based funk music and punch-based time travel.

We finish things out with a discussion of Trix, the Rabbity just-for-kids fruit cereal and how it’s betrayed Danielle’s memories of fruit shapes.

Are you a fan of Ahh!!! Real Monsters or Angry Beavers? What about other Nicktoons? Of course you are! Let us know your favorite ep in the comments or on Twitter @HeroesPodcasts!

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