SMT05: Garfield Thanksgiving, Pound Puppies, Fruit Loops

Whoops. We are posting episode 6 before episode 5 because Danielle is out of town and the file for episode 5 is trapped on her computer. Shouldn’t really matter, but this episode does reference things we discussed in episode 5. We’re still figuring out this whole podcasting thing, folks. Be patient. This week, Jeremy takes a look at a Garfield Thanksgiving special from the 80s where Jon Arbuckle is a real piece of garbage. We both constantly confuse the names Jon and Jim. Just when you think we’ve gotten it straightened out, we screw it up again. Danielle gets super bummed out because her favorite talking egg from USAcres never showed up.

Danielle then shares an episode of Pound Puppies where an Eastern European puppy is used by Soviet Mobsters to smuggle a mind control gem into the United States. Jeremy found it grating because of how much everyone was screaming. We follow our noses to some Fruit Loops this week and realize very little about the formula has changed in our lifetimes. We also use the fun size boxes as makeshift bowls because Danielle had never tried it.

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