SMT06: Batman, Spongebob, Thin Mints

This week is a bit of a change. Not only are we recording on a much worse mic (sorry), but the part of Danielle is being played by Jeremy’s girlfriend Erica. While not the cartoon obsessive Danielle is, she is a proper comic nerd and totally obsessed with Spongebob, which was her pick for the podcast.

We watched an episode of The New Batman Adventures where three kids swap stories about The Batman, including a one that is pretty much a kiddie version of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight. This pick was ostensibly in honor of the release of Justice League. Why not do an episode of Justice League, you might ask? Well, it wasn’t free on Amazon Prime and time was a factor.

Erica got into the superhero spirit and picked an ep of Spongebob Squarepants where he tangles with the utility belt and invisible boatmobile of none other than Mermaid Man himself. We learn all about Erica’s obsession with “Wumbo” and the declining mental state of Ms. Puff.

We also check out a Girl Scout Thin Mint cereal from General Mills that… well… is bad. Spoiler: It was weird and gross.

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