SMT03: Hey Arnold, 2 Stupid Dogs, Cocoa Pebbles

SMT03: Hey Arnold, 2 Stupid Dogs, Cocoa Pebbles

Another Saturday morning is here, so come down in your PJs, grab a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles and watch a couple old school toons with Jeremy and Danielle. On this week’s show, we give a quick rundown of some of our favorite series so listeners can get a sense of what we’re into in a broad sense. We’ve re-written those lists about 30 times since recording, the ones we listed were off the dome, but it’s an accurate cross section of what we’re into toon-wise. Danielle kicks off this week with is S1, Ep19 of Nicktoon classic Hey Arnold titled “Magic Show” where Arnold puts on an embarrassing magic show that leaves Helga questioning her role in the universe and things keep getting dark when Arnold prepares to die in “Twenty Four Hours to Live.”

Jeremy keeps the toon train rolling with a little known fave, 2 Stupid Dogs S1, Ep13 “Love Doctors” where the dogs help Kenny find love, “Voodoo Goat” where Secret Squirrel takes on a goaty foe, and finally “Cat!” where Little Dog struggles with his greatest fear.

We venture past the haunted land of monster cereals this week with a trip to Bedrock for a couple of delicious bowls of Cocoa Pebbles.

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