SMT02: Beetlejuice, Home Movies, Boo-berry

SMT02: Beetlejuice, Home Movies, Boo-berry

Saturday Morning Tooncast is back for an extra spooky Halloween-themed episode 2! Early in the podcast to rely on contrived themes? Maybe. But we did it anyway. For you. On this week’s show, we will be discussing some hot toon news including a new Hey Arnold movie. Jeremy’s toon pick is S1, Ep11 of Beetlejuice “Prince of the Neitherworld” where BJ trades Lydia for a job as Neitherworld Court Jester and Danielle counters with a Halloween episode of Home Movies, S3, Ep13 “Coffins and Cradles” where Brandon’s step mother interrupts costume party plans to have Brandon’s half-brother.

We continue our look at Halloween monster cereals with Boo-berry and introduce our rating system. We’re not just discussing cereal anymore, we’re rating them! One to ten spoons. How many will it get? You’ll have to listen to find out!

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