SMT015 – Bob’s Burgers and Cookie Crisp

SMT015 – Bob’s Burgers and Cookie Crisp

On this week’s Tooncast, Jeremy and Danielle discuss the ever-evolving, love-filled world of Bob’s Burgers. They chat about Sunday FOX animation, the upcoming Bob’s Burgers movie, the urban setting vs. suburban settings in other animated family comedies, Louise’s bunny ears, and another trip to Danielle’s Depressing Fan Theory Corner to learn about how some people think Bob’s whole family is actually dead. Fun stuff.

The audio quality is below where we’d like it, not sure what happened with this one. There’s an occasional humming I couldn’t isolate and remove. We’re not audio experts, but we’ll get a handle on this stuff someday.

Bob’s Burgers features the voice talent of H. Jon Benjamin, Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal.

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