I Ship It Ep. 03 – Captain Marvel & Spider-Woman

I Ship It Ep. 03 – Captain Marvel & Spider-Woman

In episode 03 of our new web series I Ship It, I stay in the Marvel Comics universe to Ship a same-sex couple. Recently, Marvel and DC Comics have become more comfortable with having same-sex couples in their canon. DC even made the Earth-2 Green Lantern gay in The New 52. So, I decided to look at two strong female superheroes in the Marvel universe who have never had a strong romance in their various incarnations, Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman. Both of these heroes have had a rough go, even being thrown to the dirt at times but never quite forgotten. Captain Marvel is even set to have her own movie in the MCU. While it’s unlikely we’ll see Spider-Woman on the big screen anytime soon, you never know, especially with the rumored now 68 characters for Infinity War.

Anyway, in Episode 01 of I Ship It, I Shipped two DC Comics characters, Batman and Zatanna. Then, in episode 02, I Shipped She-Hulk and Daredevil. Now, it’s time for Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman. Watch the video below, comment with your thoughts, and then suggest a couple for me to Ship in a later episode!

So what do you think? Would Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman make a solid couple? Do you think either one pairs better with another Marvel character? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Don’t forget to comment with some couples you’d like to see me Ship! If your suggestion gets put into an episode you’ll be in the running for a free I Ship It t-shirt!

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