Summer Movie Wrap-Up

Summer Movie Wrap-Up

With the summer movie season officially over, we look back at the big blockbusters that hit theaters between May 1st and August 31st. We discuss the summer movie winners, losers, surprises, and complete busts along with some thoughts as to why this summer was better or worse than 2015’s. We use a lot of financial data from Box Office Mojo and you can see most of that information below.

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Summer Movie Box Office Winners: 20 total weeks with 12 different box office winners

  • The Jungle Book: 1 week (plus 2 weeks prior to Summer Season)
  • Captain America: 2 weeks
  • Angry Birds: 1 week
  • X-Men: 2 Weeks
  • TMNT 2: 1 week
  • The Conjuring 2: 1 week
  • Finding Dory: 4 weeks
  • Secret Life of Pets: 2 weeks
  • Star Trek Beyond: 1 week
  • Jason Bourne: 1 week
  • Suicide Squad: 3 weeks
  • Don’t Breathe: 1 week (plus 2 after the Summer Season)

Biggest summer movie overall week: May 6-8 with $233.6 million across Top 12 – Cap 3 won that weekend

Top Grossing Summer Movie Films:

  1. Finding Dory $483.55 million (135.06 opening)
  2. Captain America: Civil War $408.06 million (179.139 opening) – 4.608
  3. The Secret Life of Pets $361.84 million (104.35 opening) – 10.53
  4. Suicide Squad $307.48 million (133.68 opening) – 4
  5. Jason Bourne $158.727 million (59.215 opening) – 3.25
  6. Star Trek Beyond $156.578 million (59.253 opening) – 1.72
  7. X-Men: Apocalypse $155.442 million (65.769 opening) – 3.05
  8. Central Intelligence $127.44 million (35.535 opening) – 4.3
  9. Ghostbusters $126.984 million (46.018 opening) – 1.57
  10. The Legend of Tarzan $126.585 million (38.527 opening) – 1.98

The number at the end of the lines was calculated based on the international box office gross divided by the reported budget. Box Office Mojo did not have a reported budget for Finding Dory.


  • Independence Day: Resurgence – no winning weekends, did not crack Top 10 ($103.137 million with $41.039 opening) but did hit 2.34 gross to budget
  • TMNT 2 – 1 winning weekend, did not crack Top 10 ($82.051 million with $35.316 opening) with a 1.81 gross to budget
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass – no winning weekends, did not crack Top 10 ($77.082 million with $26.858 opening) – 1.74 gross to budget
  • Biggest Bust: Ben Hur 2016 – $100 million budget, current gross: $65.77 million international, only $25.573 domestic

All box office information provided by Box Office Mojo.

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