Radiation Day, the Comic Book – Review

Radiation Day, the Comic Book – Review

Radiation Day is a post apocalyptic story, nicely drawn, and is a respectful nod to the Mad Max sub-genre. Set in the not-to-distant future, it follows the two main characters: an optimistic young man named Six, who often has a smart quip on his tongue, and the older more experienced man named Osa. The jaded and erasable Osa has first hand knowledge of the world before the rock hit and he has been in too many tight spots to let his guard down. On a seemingly simple errand run Osa, Six, and some others are ambushed. As for the core aspects of Radiation Day … …

Radiation Day #1 - Rad Day 3


It’s actually much better than I expected; I mean there is some stunning stuff here. Radiation Day does an excellent job of portraying the characters consistent with what you’d expect the characters to act. A person that is a weasel, looks and acts the part. Action is really nicely done and there some really epic scenes. The only drawback may be the lack luster backgrounds, its not so much lacking detail as the backdrops are a little lacking of character of their own. Frames and transitions are also a little dull but I’d chalk that up more to the resources at hand. That being said the art work has some snap to it.

Radiation Day #1 - Rad Day 2

The story flows nicely and draws you in, thanks in part to Osa and Six who jump of the page with personality. Where so many stories fall short, Radiation Day does this very well.  When Osa is grouchy and apprehensive it makes sense. And it is naturally complemented by Six’s youthful innocence and smart aleck comments.

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Bottom Line

For those of us who like Mad Max style story then Radiation Day is for you. It has laid a good foundation for an adventure story where life is on the line and survivors have to work together to overpower the chaotic world that they live in. I look forward to seeing some gritty style story’s from Radiation Day.

Radiation Day #1 - Rad Day 5

Radiation Day is a new series published by our friends at Project-Nerd who have recently started PN Publishing. You can get Radiation Day #1 now, digitally.


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  1. Ellen Yarbrough says:

    Nice review. Going to share and share this.

    1. Frank Bones McCoy says:

      Thanks man, glad you liked it.

  2. I don’t know if I’m curious enough to check out the next issue. There wasn’t enough time spent with the characters to make me care whether they live or die and that’s the big motivator for the next issue. It’s not a bad comic book, it’s just not captivating. It plays it safe and that ultimately makes me lose interest in it.

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