Nintendo Set for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Nintendo Set for Pokemon Sun and Moon

With Nintendo’s latest Direct set to come tomorrow and planned to focus completely on the ever popular Pokemon series, it looks like we’re also going to get two new games, Pokemon Sun and Moon. This comes in the wake of most people assuming Pokemon Z was on the way to round out the X & Y games and complete the trilogy. According to the wonder images provided by Nerdleaks, the trademarks were filed today but that didn’t stop the video game world from picking up the news and spreading it quickly.

Nintendo has a lot planned for the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise including the TBD release of Pokemon Go, the augmented reality and geolocation game. Additionally, tons of stores are using this Saturday, February 27th as Pokemon Day with places like GameStop and Toys R Us providing special events full of sales, posters, and more goodies.

The special Nintendo Direct is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, February 26th at 9:00AM CST (10:00AM EST) with streams available through Nintendo’s website and their Twitch channel.

Pokemon Moon Pokemon SunPokemon Sun and Moon TrademarksWhat do you think of the news? Do you think the games will be for 3DS or will Nintendo have these as launch titles for the mysterious Nintendo NX console? Will you tune in tomorrow for the Nintendo Direct? Comment below!

(Sourced from Nerdleaks)

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