Pokémon GO from Nintendo: Details

Pokémon GO from Nintendo: Details

Have you heard of Pokémon GO yet? Well, if you haven’t, I’m genuinely surprised. Since its announcement, Pokémon GO has become one of the most anticipated games the franchise has ever produced.  Why is that? Because you are no longer playing in Pallet Town or Lumiose City. You’re playing where you live!

By downloading the game to your smart device, your world will be transformed into a world of Pokémon. Just by taking a walk outside, you’ll encounter wild Pokémon. Your device will alert you to any Pokémon within your range and it will be up to you to catch them! However, just as within the games, it’s up to you to be careful; not all Pokémon are captured easily.

As you travel your neighborhood, your city, your country, your planet, you’ll come across new Pokémon with each new journey. In the previous games, you could only find certain Pokémon in particular regions, which is a feature that carries over to the real-life interactive version as well. For example, would you like to catch some water Pokémon? Try visiting a lake or an ocean. How about some rock type Pokémon? Traveling to a mountain range would be an ideal place to go for those.

Pokemon Go Screen Examples

The game also includes other methods of finding Pokémon. By visiting historical markers, monuments, and art installations, you’ll also be visiting PokeStops.  These locations will provide you with special Pokeballs and Pokémon eggs.  When you find an egg, eventually it will hatch with enough walking. In a similar effort, by capturing multiples of the Pokemon, you’ll be able to evolve one of them.

At some point in your journey, you’ll be asked to join one of three teams. Afterwards, you’ll be able to store your Pokémon at empty Gyms, or Gyms where your teammates have stored their Pokémon. Like Pokestops, Gyms will be actual physical locations and each Gym will only be able to hold one of your Pokémon, which encourages you to work with your teammates during battles. If a Gym has been claimed, you’ll be able to challenge that Gym for control.

Pokemon Go Plus

The app will be enhanced with various challenges to get medals, a separate bluetooth device called the Pokémon GO Plus, and in-app purchases. Currently, the app is available for a limited time in Japan but a global release is planned shortly. We don’t know what the in-app purchases will be yet but my guess is, you can use real money to purchase more and higher quality pokeballs to help you catch more Pokémon.

For those of you aware of AR (augmented reality) games, yes, this is one of those. It looks to be a more advanced, at least visually, version of Google’s Ingress, leveraging Geocaching.

Are you interested in Pokémon GO? Will you pick up the Pokémon GO Plus wristband or download the app to your mobile device? Comment below!

More information is available on the officially website here.

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