Marvel Studios Reshuffled

Marvel Studios Reshuffled

According to an article in The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios, the film branch of the company headed by Kevin Feige, has been restructured so as to report directly to the Disney studio chief Alan Horn instead of the Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter.

On one hand this seems like a good idea.  Kevin Feige has been heavily involved in every Marvel-created movie since the first Iron Man, and it’s easy to see that those decision have paid off.  The Marvel movies are, generally speaking, runaway successes.  Some, like Ant-Man, haven’t performed as well as might have been hoped.  While others, Guardians of the Galaxy for example, far exceeded expectations.  I think a lot of credit has to go to Kevin for the direction he’s taken the company.

With that said there is one piece of the article that gave me a moment of worry.  Marvel’s TV division, headed by Jeph Loeb, is not included in this restructuring.  Up until now one of my favorite things about Marvel, though admittedly less important in the grand scheme of things, is that their film and television endeavors were explicitly connected.  The world on display every week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the same world that is being saved in Captain America: Civil War.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

It’s one of my biggest gripes about the DC/Warner Bros. film efforts: despite the success of Arrow and Flash on television, they are determined to build their films that are completely separate from the television properties, to the point that they’ll have a TV Flash and a movie Flash played by completely different actors, and supposedly the film branch began interfering in the TV plans for certain characters because they had been earmarked for use in films already.

So that’s my biggest fear at this point.  I have loved that the Marvel films and television shows were tightly coupled together.  Now I worry about what might happen since, from a corporate standpoint, the two endeavors report to completely different people.  Hopefully nothing changes in regards to how they work together, but the potential is there so I can’t help but worry about it a little.

What do you think of this restructuring? Does it cause any concern for future MCU films? Comment below!

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2 comments on Marvel Studios Reshuffled

  1. So far, Disney has done a solid job letting Pixar, Marvel, and seemingly Lucas Film, produce amazing work without too much overreach. Hopefully this continues.

    As far as DC goes (being a DC fanboy here), the general consensus is that the DC Multiverse is at play. So, Arrow and Flash are not the same Earth as the films will exist in. Meanwhile, Flash is going to explore additional Earths this coming season. Here’s hoping!

  2. David Hill says:

    I’m less worried about Marvel suddenly interfering with things, since as you mentioned they have a strong track record for letting people do their jobs.

    I grew up strongly preferring DC over Marvel…but I also grew up during the time when the DC Multiverse was pretty much a dead concept. I hate that it has come back in the comics. And I hate the idea of it being used to explain why the DC films and television shows are not connected at all.

    I just realized I’m the cranky old guy that says “get off my comic-book lawn!”

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