Justice League Dark Pitch

Justice League Dark Pitch

Transcribed from Screen Heroes S1, E18, “Would you watch it: Justice League Dark”.

Dedicated to the death of a live action Justice League Dark film, the three of us at Screen Heroes pitch what we would like to see if one ever hit the big screen.



Directed by Sam Raimi

Constantine: Matt Ryan
Zatanna: Lauren Cohan/Amber Heard
Swamp Thing: Ron Perlman/Alexander Skaarsgard
Deadman: Zachary Quinto/Sam Rockwell
Madame Xanadu: Monica Bellucci
Doctor Fate: Karl Urban/Hugh Laurie
Abby Arcane: Anna Paquin
Frankenstein: Nathan Jones

Lex Luthor buys his way out of jail and invests in a new virus that will affect metahumans and aliens alike.  He infects the Justice League, turning them rabid and unable to control their actions.  It is up to the Justice League Dark to stop them and put an end to Lex.




Directed by: Colin Trevorrow

Constantine: Matt Ryan
Zatanna: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Swamp Thing: Matt Lauria
Deadman: Joseph Gordon Levitt
Madame Xanadu: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Doctor Fate: Nicholas Hoult/Hugo Weaving

The Justice League Dark hears rumors of Nobu’s helmet falling into evil hands and gathers to stop Doctor Fate from being manipulated by an unknown source.




Directed by: George Miller

Constantine: Tom Hardy
Zatanna: Olivia Wilde
Swamp Thing: Andy Serkis
Deadman: Joseph Gordon Levitt
Madame Xanadu: Monica Bellucci
Amethyst: January Jones
Doctor Fate: Idris Elba

Klarion the Witch Boy: Freddie Highmore
Felix Faust: Robert Carlyle

In an attempt to control the souls of the powerful Zatara family, Felix Faust and Klarion the Witch Boy join forces while the rest of the Justice League Dark try to rescue their team leader.

What do you think of our pitches? Would you watch any of these? Who would you cast? Let us know in the comments.

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