Grid Talk: 06 – DCEU Rumors

Grid Talk: 06 – DCEU Rumors

This week, we sit down to talk about all of the rumors circling the various DCEU films. The DCEU, for those who don’t know, is the DC Comics Extended Universe which includes the upcoming films like Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and Justice League: Part 1 but also The CW shows Arrow, The Flash, and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow. Various rumors are swirling around the big screen productions including who Lex Luthor actually is, what Zod is doing in the Dawn of Justice trailer, when Wonder Woman will take place, and what might happen with The Justice League Dark. We grab some of the biggest rumors and talk about how much we think the rubber hits the road going all the way up to Shazam and forward to the untitled Flash and Aquaman films.

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