Grid Talk: 05 – Dark Skywalker

Grid Talk: 05 – Dark Skywalker

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens just over a month away, we break down our thoughts and expectations for the iconic character, Luke Skywalker. Due to his absence in any promotional material, trailers, posters, etc. many think that there might be a twist on the origin trilogy’s hero. Has Luke Skywalker turned to the Darkside in the events after Return of the Jedi? He has gone into hiding as the only known trained Force user left in the galaxy far, far away? Perhaps he has become the new Lord of the Sith, since the only way to become one is to kill the previous. We discuss all of these possibilities plus a few more including a dive into his father, Anakin Skywalker and how his turn away from Vader at the end of the trilogy might affect his son’s choices. So sit back, grab some blue milk and enjoy the ride.

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Derreck Mayer
Timothy Jackson
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