Welcome to Earth-2 Ep 02: Ryan and the Redtape

Welcome to Earth-2 Ep 02: Ryan and the Redtape

Episode 2 of Ryan’s unsupervised trip to a different Earth, in which he tries to prove the multiverse theory is, in fact, fact.  He does this by, stick with me here, recording a podcast and interviewing a lady from HR.  He is lucky that he is handsome, or we wouldn’t put up with his shit anymore.

Will he find out why he is in jail?  Who the heck is Dr. Stonefist?  Will Toby ever win Michael Scott’s affection? Did he fill out the correct HR forms?

Listen in, and perhaps those questions will be answered.

Somehow, in a major plot hole that will likely never be explained, Ryan can still receive email on Earth-2, so send him one at Earth2@heroespodcasts.com!  He might even read it in the next episode.  Don’t like Ryan?  We don’t blame you!  Simply address it to another person on the show and we will make sure it gets to them.

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