Dungeons & Dragons Superbowl Special Part 2

Dungeons & Dragons Superbowl Special Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 and the conclusion of our Dungeons and Dragons Superbowl Special campaign! If you have not watched part 1, please check it out here. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get our latest videos including our new weekly series I Ship It, starring Rae of the Super Sirens cosplay duo, co-host of the podcast series Screen Heroes, and one of our D&D crew.

Now, last we left our heroes, they had only briefly been in the Bronco Village are we about the head into the local tavern to attempt to gain information about the temple, in order to complete their secret quest to successfully plant their pig bomb.

Dungeons & Dragons Superbowl Special Credits

D&D Players
Derreck Mayer
Nicole Henderson
Rae Stewart
Ryan Couture

Special Guest Dungeon Master (DM)
Jon Wunsch

Executive Producer
Derreck Mayer

Derreck Mayer

Michael Wallace (Flying Killer Robots)


We hope you enjoyed our special Dungeons and Dragons campaign in honor of Superbowl 50. We have plans to launch more D&D campaigns with video and even live streaming, so stay tuned for that!

Don’t forget to comment below with your thoughts on our first Dungeons and Dragons campaign for The Grid Daily!

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