Planet Comicon Cosplay Gallery

(Updated: May 26th 7:40AM CST)

This year, we were lucky enough to go to Planet Comicon, Kansas City’s largest comic convention. Planet Comicon has grown considerably since it’s inception in 1999, moving from the small International Trade Center in Overland Park, KS to Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City, KC’s premier convention center.

The convention boasted some fun new features like a free classic arcade with standup games like Ghostbusters, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and more! This year, Planet Comicon also brought several food trucks inside the convention hall. They even had barrel style root beer. In addition to all of that, Planet Comicon brought in tons of great guests including Neal Adams, Lou Ferrigno, Manu Bennett, Jenna Coleman, Jason Mews, George Takei, Danielle Panabaker, Hayley Atwell, Kevin Smith, and the one and only Stan Lee!

While we don’t have any official attendance numbers, many estimate well over 50,000 with Bartle Hall literally turning people away on Saturday due to reaching capacity. This was, without a doubt, the largest Planet Comicon to date. Check out our gallery below which boasts over 100 people in cosplay including characters from DC Comics, Marvels, video games, and more!

We’ve got two awesome galleries on our Facebook page with over 100 different cosplayers we saw throughout the weekend. Check them out below:

Facebook Gallery #1

Facebook Gallery #2

What did you think? Did you attend Planet Comicon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Planet Comicon Cosplay Gallery

Location Shoot 1 – 32nd and Roanoke

Hey Kids!

This is Ultra here with the first installation of a my contribution to The Grid Daily, I like to call “Location Shoot”.  The idea behind this post is to give cosplayers and costumers ideas on different places around Kansas City and the surrounding areas, as a fun safe place to take costume pictures.  Since I happen to do a lot of driving around Kansas City and I always happen to see locations that I think would be great backgrounds, I wanted to show off some of the creativity that we have in the Kansas City cosplay community.  So I decided to document them for you.

Our first location is most likely private industrial property.  Before I get started, I would like to say that I always advise that you be as safe as possible when venturing on what might be considered private property.  I wouldn’t advise going to this particular spot during weekday business hours.  I also suggest avoiding any place where you see signs where “No Trespassing” or “Private Property”, is posted.

As a general rule, “If in doubt, try to contact the owner to get permission.”

I have taken several different pictures, from different angles.  I hope this gives you a good idea for planning a shoot here.  If it is warm out, there may be bugs or snakes in the rocks so be careful to keep an eye out for nature.  This is sort of their home too.  Its also on a small hill, so please be careful there too.



There are a few places to park below the spot and across the street.  I look forward to doing a shoot here myself, using the walls as sort of a castle backdrop or the small woods for a ninja attack.  Im sure you can use your imagination.

More to come.

Location Shoot 1 – 32nd and Roanoke